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Man, woman, and German Shepherd dog stand on grass beside two adventure motorcycles and overlaid text: “ABOUT”
Man, woman, and German Shepherd dog stand on grass beside two adventure motorcycles and overlaid text: “ABOUT”

Does Good, Goes Everywhere, and Looks Amazing

We use top-quality materials and pay above-market, living wages to our independent artisans, tailors, and craftspeople.

They are highly skilled creators who work in sustainable, home workshops in the Guatemalan Highlands.

⚘  ⚘  ⚘

This is not how RUFFLY came to be…

Vera Wang sits at an outdoor café. She sips a cold-pressed vanilla latte and scrolls through her TikTok feed.

Just then The North Face arrives after winning an ultra-marathon. The sweat glistens as he performs a cool-down routine.

Suddenly their eyes meet and they fall madly in love.

Nine months later they deliver a beautiful, rugged litter of dog gear into the world.

They move to a beautiful cabin in the woods and raise their younglings in nature.

Then one magical day, Oprah swoops in from above like Mary Poppins to be their au pair.

She teaches them to do good and Live Extraordinary Together.

That didn’t happen. So we had to create it.

That’s RUFFLY.

Strip with three photos of people with their dogs
Strip with three photos of people with their dogs

Ethical Outdoor Dog Gear to Live Extraordinary Together


Here’s the real story behind RUFFLY…

Greg and I met as aid workers in Africa working on relief projects against the effects of poverty and war.

We gave it everything we had but ultimately left wishing there were a better way for us to do more.

A few years later, we came to Guatemala to support a women’s microfinance nonprofit.

Everything changed and we found our path when we adopted our German shepherd, Moxie.


Moxie is the yin to my yang.

You see, I’m naturally a soft-spoken, people-pleaser and Moxie, well, she’s a gunslinger. She leaps in, picks fights, and sticks her nose into everything.

And that swagger she has – it comes from this gorgeous ‘I don’t give a tail-wag of a f★ck‘ attitude, you know?

It was on me to train her and alpha her – just the experience I needed and just when I needed it.

That’s when I started RUFFLY because Moxie needed outdoor gear and I wanted it to look beautiful and also support these skilled indigenous artisans that I got to know in Guatemala.

I also needed a way to ride with Moxie.

We only had our motorcycles and we hated leaving her at home. To be a good traveler you need to be all of yourself wherever you are – and I couldn’t be that without her.

So we thought, tinkered, and shot down one bad idea after another until eventually inspiration hit and we came up with the K9 Moto Cockpit.

Now – just a few years later – we’re riding around the world with Moxie on the back of my motorcycle – and we’re doing it to raise $100K for women’s empowerment and gender equality.

It’s my way to Live Extraordinary Together with my pack every day – and that’s what RUFFLY is all about.

So, however you do it – walk, bike, hike, kayak, or stroll – if you’re also on a journey to live extraordinary together and become the most vibrant, colorful version of yourself, then you’re one of us and I hope you feel at home here!

– RUFFLY Founder, Jess Stone

Closeup of indigenous Guatemalan artisan tying macrame ribbon
Closeup of indigenous Guatemalan artisan tying macrame ribbon

What Is Ethical Outdoor Dog Gear


Most brands use industrial manufacturing, which usually means large, dirty factories on the squalid outskirts of overcrowded cities.
We use the same quality control and durable materials but every article of RUFFLY gear is made by skilled craftspeople.
Instead of factory workers, our partners and employees are indigenous women artisans, tailors, and weavers.

They are skilled craftspeople who work in small, sustainable, home workshops in the Guatemalan highlands.

That’s RUFFLY ethical outdoor dog gear – it does good, goes everywhere, and looks amazing.

Another way to think of it is: 

Silhouette of posh prancing poodle with delicate hand holding leash


Silhouette of wolf dog on rocky crag howling at cloudy moon


Silhouette of dog chasing after rope toy with earth as the knot


Dark grey silhouette of dog sitting over five pink stars


Your RUFFLY ethical outdoor dog gear will be runway ready and outdoor tough or send it back for a full refund – and shipping is on us.