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Rides with the Wind SALE ༄

Free riding harness and rainfly – and 50% off all other accessories – when you purchase the K9 Moto Cockpit or Nano Cockpit!

Go Far, Go Light, and Never Go Hungry with the Kibble-on-the-Go Dog Food Travel Bag

Woman opens dog food travel bag with roll-top closure while German shepherd waits to be fed

The ideal dog food travel bag for carrying your dog’s kibble, bowl, and meds, and nutritional supplements everywhere you go together


Unfortunately, Zip-Lock bags are too often the go-to storage for your dog’s food when going on an outing. These plastic bags go straight to landfills and they frequently tear. They even fail to keep the insects out unless you’re very precise in how you close them.

Oh, yeah – and plastic bags do nothing at all to keep your dog’s bowl, meds, and nutritional supplements together and organized.

The Kibble to Go Bag manages to solve all these problems. It’s also incredibly lightweight and looks so good that you’ll actually want to carry it on the outside of your pack!

Dog food travel bag in natural colors with accordion pocket and side buckle closure


Travel Bag that’s Built Outdoor Tough for Adventure


The Kibble to Go Bag is built of ultralight outdoor nylon with a rugged, grippy texture. The interior is lined with lightweight waterproof nylon to trap smell, oils, and moisture.

This bombproof construction with reinforced stitching has one mission: “Don’t let a single creepy crawler in and don’t allow one single morsel to escape!”

At 4 liters, this compact kibble travel bag holds more than 16 cups of kibble. At this size, your load is light and your furry gobbler has plenty of food for several days on the trail.

Kibble spilled out from the top of an overturned dog food travel bag


Smart Closure System that Suits the Outdoors


Other dog food travel bags rely on the old top closure method, which was designed for kayaking dry bags. Tried and true – maybe so. But it always creates a cumbersome loop at the top. That loop grows bulkier and more awkward as the bag’s contents decrease.

The Kibble to Go Bag chooses the better path. The roll-down top secures to the sides with adjustable side-release buckles. This produces a more compact travel bag that actually does get smaller and less cumbersome as you empty the contents.

Dog food travel bag with large opening and roll-top closure with plastic side-release buckles


Carry Dog Food, Meds, and Supplements – Conveniently and Securely


Keeping organized on the road, along the trail, and at the campsite is key to enhancing the experience and minimizing the hassle. That’s why the Kibble to Go Bag includes an ample accordion-style pocket.

The pocket is an ideal size for carrying your dog’s collapsible bowl along with any meds and nutritional supplements they might need. The pocket also features an adjustable snap-button strap to ensure that none of your dog’s essential gear falls out.

Dog food travel bag with accordion pocket in three views with collapsible bowl, stasher bag, and empty


Built for Adventure Days, Designed for Fashion Week


‘Adventure ready’ means that the Go Bag is built rugged for the outdoors. It also means that it shouldn’t take up valuable space in your pack. That’s why this kibble travel bag includes daisy chain webbing and a hang loop. You can easily connect it to your backpack or other gear with a carabiner or strap.

Even better still – the Kibble-on-the-Go Bag looks so good that you actually want it on display rather than tucked away inside your gear.

Front view of dog food travel bag with blue collapsible bowl in the front accordion pocket

The side straps ensure that the kibble bag’s shapely appearance is always compact and bulk-free. Likewise, Richly textured handwoven cotton create decorative panels along the sides. This durable fabric is naturally dyed and colorfast. In addition to the black color option, the striking patterns perfectly match your dog’s travel bed and other RUFFLY gear.

The Kibble to Go Bag is the solution for carrying your dog’s kibble, protecting it from insects, keeping the smell away from your other gear. It’s the ideal dog food travel bag for going far, going light, and going everywhere together!

Woman pours kibble from pink and purple dog food travel bag into blue collapsible bowl while German shepherd lays watching

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