Make the Threads of Your Life Golden

Ruff on the Road


Kibble for the Soul


Bright-eyed, curious, and rambunctious, German Shepherd Moxie explores the outdoors, learns about the wonderful world around her, and shares the lessons she learns in these short, fun, heartwarming videos.

Some people believe in fate, some believe in god, and some don’t believe in anything at all. Moxie is fine with all those but, for her, she believes in the Great Animal Spirits and the Weavers to spin the ribbons of her life.

Moxie’s gear: Step Outside Collar in Wine and Candy

Music: “English Garden” by Jimmy Wahlsteen (Epidemic Sound)

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Which Kibble do you want to chomp on next?

Woman and dog walk along pier towards palapa hut over turquoise water

Leave Only Paw Prints to Mark Your Path

Two dogs play fight beside camping tent and handmade dog travel bed

If You See a Hungry Dog on the Trail Feed Him

German Shepherd dog watches woman hiking through trees

Do It Your Way

German Shepherd dog tattooed on forearm and engraved and painted on coffee mug

Be What You Were Born to Be

Happy, panting brown dog on leash

Who You Gonna Call for Obedience Training?

Woman feeds raw food treats to hungry German Shepherd wearing colorful, handmade bandana

Think of the Cows and Do the Right Thing

Woman builds campfire beside camping tent with dog watching

Be Persistent

Donkey sniffs over dog and man on motorcycle

Always Be Curious

German Shepherd dog lies on handmade travel bed beside tent at campsite

Give Your Tender Paws a Well-Earned Rest

Soaked woman tried to regain footing after falling over in lake

Accidents Are for Learning but Clumsiness Is Forever

Camping man wrestles with wolf-like German Shepherd who wants to play

Get In Tents with the Ones You Love

Malinoise and Border Collie jump up to join woman sitting in tree

Chase Your Squirrels

Four dogs sit at a cafe and watch the people pass by

Being a Traveler Is All About Attitude

Eruption of lava and steam from Volano Pacaya seen from drone

Mother Earth's Explosions Are Beautiful

Camping tent and German Shepherd dog in green field beside lake surrounded by mountains

Where We Have All Our Best In-Tents Moments

Man embraces excited German Shepherd beside tire swing

Be the Great Wolf for the Ones You Love

Black rescue dog is happy with paws in sand

We Came Here as Strangers Once Too

German Shepherd leaps onto rickety wooden bridge over flooded river

No Knots Can Hold You

German Shepherd ears poke above wall where colorful peacocks strut unsuspectingly

Strut Colorfully But Keep an Eye Out

German Shepherd lays on handmade travel dog bed while chewing on meat bone

Digging up Bones Takes Lots of Practice

German Shepherd wearing green handmade collar look over mountains and lake

Welcome to the Land Guarded by Dogs

German Shepherd dog runs along mountain road among meadows and boulders

Make the Threads of Your Life Golden

Dog and woman sit to admire view at summit of Guatemala volcano

We Each Contribute Our Own Unique Talents

Wolf-like dog prowling across mountain in silhouette with volcanoes and mist

We Were Wolves Once...and Could Still Be Again

Woman and German Shepherd dog lay together looking out of camping tent

Bite Down Hard into Everything You Do


Dog Tips + Stories

Dog Rides a Motorcycle

Get Some Inspiration and Information to Go Explore Your World

Dog Explores the World

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