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MOLLE-Based Gear System for Your Dog’s Motorcycle Dog Carrier

Padded, rigid-frame motorcycle dog carrier with dry bags connected to the exterior by MOLLE-based daisy chain webbing

The MOLLE-based Luggage Loops are an optional, add-on feature for riders who plan to secure gear bags to the outside of their dog’s K9 Moto Cockpit

For some of us, the only thing that surpasses the thrill of riding is to pack up your gear and set off for a multi-day motorcycle journey. If that describes you, then gear, luggage, and storage space is foremost on your mind.

Since you ride with your dog – or are considering it, then you face two new motorcycle luggage challenges to overcome:

  • The space over the passenger’s seat and luggage rack is occupied by your dog’s K9 Moto Cockpit
  • You have to bring your dog’s essential gear on your trip as well

That’s where the MOLLE-based Luggage Loops add-on to the K9 Moto Cockpit is a game-changer for motorcycle travelers. We designed it specifically to help you overcome the challenges of limited gear space by making it easier to secure gear to the outside of your dog’s Cockpit.

Artistic vector diagram of a MOLLE-based luggage system for a motorcycle dog carrier


MOLLE Is Your Load-Carrying Solution to Limited Luggage Space


MOLLE is an acronym that stands for Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment. It describes the type of load-bearing equipment system used by armed forces around the world and top outdoor gear manufacturers.

Each daisy chained webbing – or Luggage Loop – is made from heavyweight, 1-inch polypropylene. We use polypropylene because it is non-stretch and highly water-resistant.

Closeup of a black dry bag connected by strap to MOLLE webbing on a motorcycle dog carrier

Each Loop secures has a 2-inch-wide opening and secures to the Cockpit’s exterior with a reinforced box stitch. This allows the plastic buckles and sliders on 1-inch gear straps to pass through smoothly and without catching or snagging.

Rounded rear of motorcycle dog carrier with MOLLE-based daisy chained webbing along the exterior


Pack Bulky Items High and Heavy Items Low


Each Luggage Loop has been tested to carry more than 15lb (7kg) of dead weight. We achieve this durability by reinforcing the Cockpit’s upholstery with a double stitch and by running an ultra-durable layer of vinyl beneath the Loops.

This creates a rugged, resistant load-carrying system. Nevertheless, the jolts and vibrations of riding can magnify load forces. So, it’s important to always distribute the weight of your gear bags across four or more loops.

Likewise, we recommend securing bulky but relative light-weight gear to the MOLLE-based Luggage Loops. This frees valuable space in your side cases to store heavier items lower down for less impact on the ride geometry.

Consider securing items like clothes, sleeping bags, sleeping pads, and your dog’s travel bedroll to your MOLLE-based Luggage Loops.

Top view of MOLLE-based daisy chained polypropylene webbing around the exterior of a rigid frame motorcycle dog carrier


Adventure-Ready Appearance and Functionality


Just like the rest of your Cockpit’s exterior, we customize the appear to match your motorcycle and preferences. You can choose to run reflective tape beneath the Luggage Loops or use the same durable, outdoor vinyl you selected for the rest of the Cockpit.

When your dog’s Cockpit is outfitted with the MOLLE-based Luggage Loops, you’re ready for hard-riding and multi-day motorcycle adventures together. This means more adventures together with your dog without sacrificing or skimping on the essential gear that you both need to thrive on the road.

Motorcycle dog carrier with MOLLE-based daisy chained webbing around the exterior

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