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Creating Your Custom Mug

This page is where we will share the information we need to create your custom mug just exactly the way you want it.

The custom mug process goes like this:

✓ You uploaded your photo(s) and instructions at checkout, which means we have what we need to start your artwork.

② Our artist creates a proof and we notify you by email when it is ready for your review.

③ You review the proof and either:

ⓐ approve the proof or

ⓑ tell us what revisions to make.

④ Once you approve the proof, we send it to our artisan to create your mug(s).

⑤ We ship your mug out to you when it is finished!


The Production Timeline

The mug artwork is entirely personalized to your photo and preferences. That means the actual process time will depend on your responsiveness and the revisions that you want us to make. You’re welcome to request as many revisions as you want so that we get it perfect, just remember that each revision takes time.


Here is the approximate production timeline:

  1. Creation of the initial proof – 3 business days
  2. Artwork revisions – 2 business days
  3. Production – 2-3 weeks
  4. Shipping – 5 business days


We are available to you throughout the process for any questions. Just reach out through the live chat app or contact us by email or phone.

Photo and artwork on dog with long tongue engraved on ceramic coffee mug
Photo and artwork on enamel camping mug of girl sitting on rock with dog
Photo of three dogs at car window and engraved artwork of dogs on ceramic coffee mug
Photo and artwork on enamel camping mug of older man and woman sitting on motorcycles
Photo and artwork on enamel camping mug of girl sitting next to German Shepherd beside waterfall

② Review the Artwork Proof

When your artwork proof is ready for your review, you will receive an email and the proof will appear here.

Artwork proof created on

Once you have reviewed the artwoork proof, provide your approval or instructions for revisions here.

That’s it! Once you have approved the artwork proof, you have provided everything we need to make your custom mug.

We know that waiting is the hardest part, especially if your mug is a gift for an upcoming holiday, birthday, or other special event. Please keep in mind that your mug is one-of-a-kind and made through a custom process that cannot be rushed. Therefore, while we will absolutely do our best to accelerate the process to accommodate special events, we cannot guarantee an expedited production schedule.


Staying Connected Throughout the Process

We make a huge effort to keep you updated as your mug moves through the creation process. Nevertheless, please don’t hesitate to reach out at any time with questions or to request a status update.