The Beautiful Colors and Patterns of Your Dog’s Adventure

The four patterns in our Woven Collection of bandanas, poop bag holders, and dog travel beds combine rich colors and unforgettable designs.

The Woven Collection of bandanas, poop bag holders, and dog travel beds receives its name from a durable, richly textured cotton fabric that has been handwoven in Guatemala’s indigenous mountain villages for countless generations.

The fabric is traditionally called meesh and the process begins by coloring thread with natural and plant-based dyes and then weaving it into a durable cloth on a large wooden loom using hands and feet. These artisans produce meesh in solid colors and in a variety of richly textured patterns.

For the four patterns of the Woven Collection, we selected our two favorites and created two new designs of our own.


The Wildflowers pattern is a bold mixture of Wild Hyacinth and Bell Heather on an elegant black cotton canvas. It’s the perfect complement to the Primrose Pink and Huckleberry Purple color sets from our Knotted Collection. It’s the perfect pattern for adventurous dogs who sniff out the wildflowers, prance whimsically, and dig up enormous joy.


Badlands stitches together a varied, rustic landscape of rich hues from all the world’s most pristine, natural places. It’s a spot-on match for Knotted Collars, Leashes, and Harnesses in the Woodlands color set but it also features a river of blue that’s a striking complement to Riptide Blue. Whether you traipse through deserts, streams or mountain peaks, Badlands is for dogs that bring adventure wherever they go.


Seascape is for those who were born on land but whose heart and paws belong in the water. The pattern combines several vivid tones of blue with a striking highlight on the exact shade of pacific or sea blue that’s called Riptide in our Knotted Collection. For dog who’ve weathered the stormy skies, a calm, blue Seascape welcomes you.


Daybreak is an explosive fusion of glowing red, black, and white, which are the first colors when the rising sun pierces a dark horizon. It’s a perfect match to the Knotted Collars, Leashes, and Harnesses in Bushfire Red and to the blazing temperament of the dogs that wear them. Daybreak is a pattern for dogs who don’t care where they are so long as they can leap in and chase down the bright new day.

The must-have accessories of our Woven Collection are available in all four patterns so you can get just the standalone item you need or create a matching set with the Knotted Collection essentials and get everything your dog needs all at once.


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