The Minimalist Accessories to Bring Only What You Need to Thrive

Whether hoofing it around town or road-tripping across a continent, bring your spirit of adventure and pack only what you need to thrive.

Here at Ruffly, we obsess all day (and night) long to create the most beautiful, durable handmade gear for dogs. Then, occasionally we get to close the laptops, lock up the workshop, for the super-important job of testing out the gear with our German Shepherd Moxie.

Then, sometimes a funny thing happens during the backpacking, kayak, and motorcycle trips. Occasionally, we start to think about our own outdoor and travel needs, and that’s when we hit upon a must-have accessory that’s just for us humans.

We believe in going light and far, and leaving only a gentle paw print on the planet. We also believe that the few things you carry – and how you carry them – should help bring out your best, most colorful self, so that you can face life’s daily challenges with your sniffer up and your tail wagging.

Knotted Camera Straps

The idea for the Knotted Camera Straps was born when our photographer, who recently adopted a beautiful mutt named Rambo, asked if we could make her a wide, comfortable strap for her DSLR to match her dog’s Knotted Collar and Leash. That’s why the Luxe strap is a generous 1 ½ inches wide and built upon sturdy, low-stretch nylon webbing that’s reinforced with overlapping stitches where the ends secure around dual, stainless length adjusters.

The exterior is covered with richly textured cotton fabric that has been handwoven by indigenous Guatemalan artisans for generations. The durable, black fabric called meesh is naturally dyed and completely colorfast. Twelve (12) inches of plush, foam padding are integrated at the strap’s center so there’s all the comfort of a separate shoulder pad but none of the bulk and sliding out of place.

The Luxe is available in all five of the Knotted Collection’s signature color sets: Huckleberry and Primrose adjust to 31-42 inches long while Woodlands, Riptide, and Bushfire adjust to 36-55 inches long. The narrower, ⅞-inch wide TREKKER version is the minimalist option for greater packability and all five color sets measure 36-55 inches long.

Knotted Keychain

The Knotted Keychain was born from our desire to carry a small, intimate connection to Moxie whenever we leave the house. Some people like the idea of a collar and matching bracelet, but we think you’d agree that a keychain is much more practical and – hopefully – something you never leave home without.

The Keychain is backed by handwoven, colorfast fabric made from natural dyes and it comes in all the same designs and colors as our Knotted Collection of collars, leashes, and harnesses. It also mirrors the collar and leash’s high-quality finish and detail, even down to the reflective tape that lines the underside of the knotted ribbon.

Woven Change Purse

The Woven Change Purse is for those free spirits who want a slim, colorful, and 100% animal product-free way to carry their valuables. The unisex purse/wallet is available in all the same handwoven color designs as our Woven Collection, which includes dog beds, bandanas, and poop bag holders.

It features dual zippered compartments so you can be minimalist and organized: put your payment cards and driver’s license together in one, and your cash, coins, and a flash drive in the other. It also happens to fit perfectly in the secret stash-cash pocket that’s built into the lining of your dog’s TenderPaw TREKKER Bedroll.

Woven Crossbody Bag

The Woven Crossbody Bag is for hoofing around town or across continents with just the lightweight essentials. The bag comes in four solid colors each highlighted by one of the unique, color designs from the Woven Collection: Wildflowers, Badlands, Seascape, and Daybreak.

The Crossbody Bag includes an easy to access zipper on the side closest to your body, while the main compartment rolls down and secures with Velcro. This rolltop construction, along with a waterproof lining and seam-sealant over the stitching creates a water-resistant enclosure for protection against spilled drinks and sudden downpours, or for when you come to a broken bridge and, you know, have to wade across the river.

Whether you’re hoofing it around town or road-tripping across a continent, you supply the spirit of adventure and our handmade accessories collection will help you bring along your keys, cards, cash, and essential documents – in other words, Only What You Need to Thrive.



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