The Dog Bandana to Outfit Your Furry Superhero for Outdoor Adventure

Superheroes wear a cape to look the part and that’s why some humans outfit their adventurous, outdoor-loving dogs in a slim, beautiful bandana.

Why do so many superheroes wear a cape? Or, really, the better question is: why do any superheroes wear a cape? After all, if a long, flowing piece of cloth hanging off the shoulders somehow boosts your testosterone or improves your reflexes, then baseball, basketball, and football teams would immediately order matching capes for their home and away jerseys.

Not surprisingly, the message boards are filled with long dissertations on the topic, but it all boils down to one really good reason: because it looks the part.

The reason for why some humans outfit their dog with a bandana is just as simple and good: because they like the way it looks.

Some claim it protects against sunburns for light colored, short furred dogs or captures some of the loose hair that falls off of heavy shedders, but generally a dog bandana – like a superhero’s cape – is more for appearance than practicality.

And that’s a very good reason all by itself.

But, just because a bandana won’t make your dog leap higher, fetch faster, or climb a tree to catch the cat that sits up there all day mocking him, that doesn’t mean that fitment isn’t really important. That’s why the New Horizons TREKKER Bandana has a slender triangle shape that delivers an active, low-bulk fit so that it accentuates your pup’s beauty but never limits their fun.

The soft fabric is handwoven from naturally dyed cotton thread on large wooden looms to create a rich texture and durable weave that will withstand thorns, nettles, and vigorous scratching. We colorfast and thoroughly wash the fabric so that it is totally natural, machine washable, and resistant to shrinkage. This also means you can soak the bandana while it’s around your dog’s neck to help keep them cool on hot, sunny days.

The bandana secures around the dog’s neck with a classic double knot and it also includes a strong, lightweight loop on the underside for those who prefer to feed the collar through.

The bandana is available in three sizes and four unique, colorful patterns that match the other accessories from the Woven Collection and the collars, leashes, and harnesses from the Knotted Collection. The TREKKER Bandana is a perfect way to accentuate your dog’s beauty all on its own or as part of a complete, colorful outdoor-ready set.



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