Dog Collar Colors Are More than Coat Deep

The color of your dog’s coat doesn’t say anything about who they are, but the color of their collar gives an idea of who they are beneath the coat.

Dogs come in many shades and colors, just like humans do, and it’s those many shades and colors that make them beautiful, varied, and unique. Now, the color of your skin – or coat, doesn’t say anything about who you are. After all, white dogs like to dig up bones just as much as brindle ones do, and all dogs look pretty much the same after playing fetch in the mud.

So, the colors of your dog’s coat don’t say much about who they are inside, but the color of their matching collar, leash, and harness from the Knotted Collection does give an idea of who they are beneath the coat.


You can’t sum somebody up in just one sentence, but for Huckleberries it boils down to this: ‘I’m game for anything!’ Ears perked and head cocked, you’re always listening for when opportunity knocks. You have a hair trigger at the sound of the leash removed from the hook –the signal that it’s time to go out for a walk.

Whether it’s fetch, chase, play fighting, or obedience training, Huckleberries lick their chops and leap in with their sniffers up and their tails wagging.


Primroses are every bit as sweet and lovely as their name suggests. You enjoy pleasant, comfortable places, which is why you nap beside slow streams, beneath shaded hedgerows, and across rolling meadows. It’s why we say the ‘Primrose Path’ to mean the way of ease and pleasure.

Nevertheless, as a Primrose you might seem like a delicate flower but, when confronted with the road of hard knocks, you’re anything but soft. Some roses have thorns, but you have sharp claws, fangs, and a loud bark.


Jungles are for fearsome creatures and forests are for hiding and getting lost. Woodlands are where the free spirits live and roam. Woodlanders love to run wild, wander far, and happily lose their way. You’re most alive when you’re let loose and off leash. You just can’t help but meander off the trail because that’s where the waft of strange, wonderful smells leads you.

Still, even as you love to wander off, you always look back and wait for your pack to catch up.


The Riptides are the ones who always appear calm and easygoing on the surface. You’re good-natured, easy to please, and rarely crabby. You’ll eat when it’s time to feed, walk when it’s time to go out, and relax when there’s nothing else to do. Your feathers never get ruffled and the fur on your neck rarely bristles.

But, if you seem impossibly calm on the surface, there’s actually a raging, roiling current just below. You never explode in waves of disobedience, but your doggedness always wins out in the end. It can carve deep canyons and grind boulders into powder because it’s the relentless force that changes the shape of the world.


As a puppy you flickered brightly with pluck and energy. You human called you rambunctious and scolded for chewing on shoes, leaping on the table, and stealing food right in front of their faces. They said, ‘Don’t worry. She’ll calm down as she gets older,’ to reassure your human, but, as you grew into your paws, your burning flame only grew brighter.

As a Bushfire, you’re all instinct, hunt, chase, and fight, what the old timers mean when they say “grit, piss, and vinegar”. Wherever you go, you sweep through like a blazing force of nature, leaving a scorched earth path of panting dogs, torn lawns, and white shirts covered in muddy paw prints.

Dogs never have personalities that are painted in just one of the Knotted Collection colors. But, if you look at your dog with your heart and your eyes, it won’t be hard to see which color matches your dog most closely. Now that you know your dog’s collar, the next step is to figure out their size: small paws, about average sniffer, or a whole lot of fur to love.


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