The Dog Fetch-Tug Toy That Gives a Great Big Huck

The Mother Hucker dog fetch and tug toy delivers hours of wholesome entertainment, exercise, and satisfaction in sizes for big chompers and little nippers.

Every dog has – or should have – a favorite fetch toy that will give them hours of wholesome fun and entertainment. That’s because dogs absolutely love to run, fetch, and tug but most dogs aren’t very good at playing all by themselves. Not only that, we humans want our dogs to get plenty of exercise to stay lean and healthy, and also to tire them out so they’ll be ready to cuddle up calmly in the evening when it’s time for a new episode of Homeland or This Is Us.

It’s also important that your dog’s favorite fetch toy is your favorite fetch toy, too, since you’re the one who’s going to be hucking (i.e. throwing or flinging) it back and forth across the yard. That’s where the Mother Hucker Dog Fetch and Tug Toy is guaranteed to immediately become you and your dog’s fast favorite because it has just what you both want and none of the silliness that you don’t need.

The Hucker is made of one continuous pieces of durable, natural cotton rope. The spiraling fibers are soft and massaging on the gums but the rope itself is harder to chew through than a stick of old beef jerky.

The action end of the Hucker features a large, ball-like monkey fist knot. Inside the knot we place a heavy, rubber bouncing ball. The added weight creates superb leverage for giving it ‘a long huck’ while the bounciness gives the Hucker additional rebound so it goes further, and your dog can nab it on a bounce.

At the other end the natural cotton rope folds back on itself and forms a slip knot to create a spacious handle hold loop. The loop is gives extra bulk for a great hucking grip and as a comfortable hand hold for when fetch becomes tug and pull.

From there, the loose end creates a second, larger loop and then forms a second slip knot where it ends at the base of the monkey fist knot. This second loop means that the dog can tug at one strand while you pull at the other for another fun way to use your Hucker.

The Hucker is a simple but always satisfying fetch toy that will give your dog hours of wholesome entertainment. It’s available in two sizes: The Mother Hucker is for large dogs with lots of energy to burn while the Mini Hucker is for those rambunctious, little nippers.

Just a final note on hucking: there are many ways to huck so it’s just a matter a preference but here’s a few things to keep in mind…

◍–o Hucking burns calories and builds lean muscle.

◍–o Wait 15 minutes after feeding before you huck.

◍–o A long, hard, huck is better than a short one.

◍–o Your dog will never forget their first huck.

For more useful tips on hucking and to get yours, click the link below.



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