The Change Purse for Cards, Cash, and a Gentle Eco-Footprint

The handmade Woven Change Purse is for free spirits and minimalists who want a slim, colorful, and animal product-free way to carry their valuables.

These days you can pretty much live your life in Europe and North America and do all your shopping without ever touching cash, coins, or even a credit card. It’s an amazing sign of progress – especially for minimalists and the eco-conscious – that, with a thumbprint or a face scan, our smartphones can handle most or all of our everyday purchases.

Nevertheless, the days when we can or even should leave the house without some cash, cards, and maybe an emergency flash drive are still a long way away. That’s where the Woven Change Purse is ideal solution for the ethically fashion forward minimalist who aims to leave a gentle footprint on the planet.

Greener Means: Independent artisans and tailors who create in their home workshops rather than in factories or on assembly lines.

The change purse’s exterior is made of soft, richly textured handwoven cotton fabric. The fabric is called meesh and has been manufactured by the indigenous Guatemalan artisans at home in their small mountain communities for many generations.

The process begins with the artisan spinning and coloring cotton thread with natural, plant-based dyes. Then, she weaves the thread into long bolts of durable, colorful fabric on a large wooden loom skillfully using her hands and feet together.

The Woven Change Purse comes in four unique, colorful patterns that beautifully match the dog beds, bandanas, and poop bag holders from our Woven Collection:

  • Wildflowers combines Wild Hyacinth, Bell Heather, and midnight black.

  • Seascape stirs together the best dark and bright blues of the ocean after a storm.

  • Daybreak is a fusion of intense red between splashes of black and white.

  • Badlands stitches together a varied landscape of rustic, natural hues.

The purse/wallet features two zippered compartments to keep you organized. The primary is ideal for a wad of cash and loose coins, while the secondary pocket perfectly fits your cards, ID or driver’s license, and a just-in-case memory card or emergency house key.

The Woven Change Purse fits perfectly in a matching Woven Crossbody Bag or can be hidden away in the secret, stash-cash pocket in the lining of your dog’s TenderPaw TREKKER Bedroll. It’s the perfect accessory for those minimalist free spirits who want a slim, colorful, and 100% leather and animal product-free way to carry a few valuables.



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