The Handmade Poop Bag Holders That Leave No Trace

Our minimalist dog poop bag holders are handmade by artisans and tailors in home workshops for making no waste and leaving none behind.

A healthy outdoor dog will spend their days leaping into the bushing, trampling over the grass, digging up the flowers, and crushing the new sprouts in your herb garden. Still, as destructive as a happy, young pup can be, they’re no match for what we toiling humans manage with our great tools and machines.

It’s heartbreaking to see what we have done to many of the wild places where dogs and humans used to traipse together in pristine solitude. So, it’s not surprising that some people wish we could go back to the way things used to be. But that past was only better for some and worse for most, and, besides, a river only ever flows in one direction.

What matters is what we’ve learned from our carelessness and ambition and how we work to do better. That’s why at Ruffly we see the Only Paw Prints Poop Bag Holder as a symbol for all the ways we try to be greener in everything we do.

The bag holder small, light, simple so there’s nothing that goes into making it that’s unnecessary or wasteful. Likewise, we build each one with uncompromising attention to quality and detail because making something to last is also an important way to be greener.

The colorful, handwoven fabric that covers the exterior is produced through a partnership with small, independent artisans and tailors who make our dog gear in their home workshops instead of in factories. The fabric is made from naturally dyed cotton thread and is traditionally called meesh within the indigenous Guatemalan communities where it has been skillfully woven with hands and feet on large wooden looms for many generations.

A wide, zipper opening makes it easy to insert a roll of biodegradable poop bags and the large stainless eyelet underneath will make you the fastest bag-draw at the park. The holder attaches to the D-ring below the handle of the Knotted Leash with a stainless lobster clip that’s secured with durable nylon webbing. Webbing also creates the button-snap strap to attach the holder’s other end to the leash to eliminate swinging and dangling.

The Only Paw Prints Poop Bag Holder is available in four unique, colorful patterns:

· Wildflowers

· Badlands

· Seascape

· Daybreak

It’s beautiful and minimalist as a standalone bag holder for attaching to any leash or lead, or it makes a wonderful part of a full set of dog essentials and outdoor accessories, including our bandanas and travel beds.

It’s for leaping out and collecting all the memories you can, while leaving only footsteps and paw prints behind.



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