I Will Remember the Promise

Sometimes, if you're lucky, you find a good dog like Rupert waiting for you on your path (@tailsfromthesniff)

Sometimes, if you’re lucky, you find the right dog waiting for you along your path. Or maybe she finds you. Either way it forms a bond stronger than any other.

Muffin knows what being in a pack is all about

It’s because a good dog – like a true friend – knows that feeling happy when your person is happy and feeling sad when they feel sad is what being in a pack is all about.

Paws prints and footsteps accompany each other on a path but their courses aren’t the same. One reaches sunset quickly while the other enjoys a long summer’s day. When the end comes it’s always much too soon.

It’s so sad that we’d rather not think on it but it’s also what makes it so very precious. It’s a gift – that bond and the time shared together – that we dare not take for granted.

...to lay in the sunshine and prance through the fields (@breezyjohnsonski)

So let’s reaffirm our promise to make the most out of every moment:

To lap it up like a cool drink on a hot day;

To run, and tug, and fetch together;

To lay in the sunshine and prance through the fields.

It’s the pledge to never go out the one without the other and when the good smells lead you on to a better place, I will remember the promise I made when I placed on you that collar – Forget Me Knots!

It's a bond stronger than any other (@ashthecowdog)


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