The Knotted Collection of Collars, Leashes, and Harnesses

Essential outdoor gear for your dog that’s built to perform and designed to look beautiful through all the fun and abuse your dog can manage.

The Knotted Collection provides you with the essential outdoor gear for your dog all decorated with knotted ribbon made of intricately handtied nylon thread in striking colors and unforgettable designs.

Adding to the beauty, character, and uniqueness of this outdoor gear, reflective tape underlines the knotted ribbon. This reflects sunlight and headlights to create dazzling shimmer in the small spaces between the knotted threads.

A durable, richly textured, black, cotton fabric frames the knotted ribbon and overlays a durable nylon webbing backbone. The fabric, which is traditionally called meesh among indigenous Guatemalans, is handwoven on a large wooden loom that involves the skilled use of hands and feet.

Designs to Inspire and Colors that Go More Than Coat-Deep

The collection includes matching collars, leashes, and harnesses that come in two unique, unforgettable designs that call you to step outside and set off on a new adventure.

Northern Lights

A call into the wild and a light to guide the way.


Fair winds and following seas wherever you go.

Both knotted designs are available in five stylish color sets so that you can pick the one that best matches your dog’s coat and their personality.

Huckleberry Purple

Always listening for opportunity to knock, you lick your chops and leap in.

Primrose Pink

You’re a delicate flower with sharp claws, fangs, and a whole lot of fight.

Woodlands Brown and Green

Free-spirited, you wander off but always look back and wait for your pack to catch up.

Riptide Blue

You’re a raging countercurrent that rises up to change our world forever.

Bushfire Red

A blazing force of nature, you catch the scent and chase it into the tall grass.

Beautiful, Outdoor Dog Collars and Harnesses

The Knotted Collars and Harnesses feature top-quality plastic length adjusters and side-release buckles as well as stainless D-rings for a secure leash connection. Both articles were designed for beauty and build for function, comfort, and utility.

For example, the collars include a triangle no-jingle ID tag ring to avoid the clatter that occurs when a metal ID tag is connected directly to the D-ring. Likewise, the harnesses feature a padded chest with ribbing to improve airflow and a subtle, sturdy top handle so you can support your dog up a steep grade or climbing back into the kayak after a swim.

Both collars and harnesses are available in three form-fitting, adjustable sizes.

Leashes That Are Strong and Slender but Also Comfortable

Holding it in your hand, you’ll first note the soft, rich texture of the handwoven fabric. Then, you’ll recognize the uncompromising strength of the nylon webbing that creates a sturdy, unseen backbone throughout the Knotted Leash and its handle.

The leash connects to the collar or harness with a strong, stainless swivel clip that is secured with overlapping rows of expert stitching. Just above the offset woven label and below the handle, a stainless D-ring creates the perfect attachment point for a poop bag holder or to connect the leashes for other dogs.

The handle forms a slender teardrop shape that hides a wide opening to accommodate humans with large paws. Soft foam padding cushions the interior beneath a soft handwoven fabric in a striking grey offset color.

Built for quality, comfort, and longevity, the most difficult decision you’ll face is selecting which color best matches your dog’s coat and personality and which design calls for you to start a new adventure together.


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