The Knotted Designs for a New Adventure Together

The Knotted Collection features five stylish color sets and two striking, unique designs that should inspire you on a new adventure together.

The Knotted Collection includes your dog’s essential outdoor gear beautifully decorated for adventure with an intricately hand-tied ribbon. Reflective tape runs beneath the ribbon to reflect sunlight and headlights through the small spaces between the knotted nylon threads.

The matching collars, leashes, and harnesses are available in five stylish colors sets and two striking, unique designs: Northern Lights and Tailwinds. The color you choose should match your dog’s coat and their personality while the design should inspire you to set off on a new adventure.

Northern Lights

Stepping outside and trying something new begins by taking a difficult first step and then struggling through all the awkward steps that follow. Sometimes along the way, we lose our footing, bruise our shins, and ache for the comfortable, old routine.

Similarly, the skies above the north pole spend most of the year following the tides and changing seasons. Then, all of a sudden, a solar wind sweeps through and throws the atmosphere into chaotic motion.

The stunningly beautiful Aurora Borealis, or northern lights, is what happens when you struggle through the awkwardness and confusion that happens when you disrupt a comfortable routine.


Changing course always feels like you’re going up against a powerful headwind. That’s because the stubborn laws of motion exist in our minds and in the world around us.

In the earliest days of seafaring there was no way to sail into a headwind, which meant it would be a hard time for the oarsmen. Then they discovered that – like with most of life’s hardest obstacles – the best way forward is actually to sail at an angle.

If you hang in there and persist, eventually – usually sooner than you expect – the winds shift and carry you forward stronger, smarter, and further than ever before.

How does starting off on a new journey go for you? Is it a trek through awkwardness and confusion or a struggle against bullish adversity? Choose the design that will best inspire your journey together with your dog. Then, once you’ve decided, you have another selection to make:

Which color best matches your dog’s coat and their personality?


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