Style, Comfort, and Utility - with a Twist

Some trails require dogs to be leashed. Ash the Cow Dog might not like it but he sure looks good! (@ashthecowdog)

When it comes to good communication, we all agree that being direct is usually best. But when it comes to solving a problem, hitting it head-on usually only leaves you with a bump and a bruise!

Instead, the best approach is often to come at it from the side – or, better still, with a twist.

The Knots So Twisted Leash cleverly solves the most annoying problem of rope leashes. When Rover suddenly pulls, the leash slips through your hand. Worse still, if Rover is in earnest, there goes your shoulder socket!

When off leash on the trail, keep the Knots So Twisted Leash handy and decorative!

On the other hand, if you’re walking Rover past Spike, you’ll probably wrap the leash around your hand in anticipation of a tug-o-war. Then, when Rover bolts the leash becomes a boa constrictor and so much for the 27 fragile bones in your hand!

That’s where the Knots So Twisted Leash comes in.

Shadow on a Knots So Twisted Leash with his person, USA Olympic Skier Breezy Johnson (@breezyjohnsonski)

The four strands of military grade paracord are hand-tied in a helix knot. Not only does this bestow unique beauty upon the leash, it also creates slender, spiraling ridges. The ridges create texture and friction for a far superior grip so there’s no more bruised hands or wrenched shoulders.

But, wait! There’s more! Because we’ve gotten particularly clever at the handle.

It's the perfect marriage of style, comfort, and utility – with a Twist!

An inch above the juncture, the helix transforms into what’s called a cobra knot. This creates a flatter surface against the hand and wrist to better disperse the pressure from Rover’s tugging. But you’d never know it because it’s all beautifully hidden beneath a plush, handwoven handle cushion.

Topping it all off there’s a stainless D-ring for attaching a poop bag dispenser below the handle and an accent of colorful thread just above the swivel clip.

Altogether, it’s the perfect marriage of style, comfort, and utility – with a twist!


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