The Waterproof Dog Travel Bed for at Home and Everywhere You Go

The TenderPaw TREKKER Bedroll is getting the best sleep of their life, whether your dog is a hoof-hardened trailblazer, an aging achy-paws, or a tip-toeing newbie.

After a morning of barking at passersby through the window or a long day hoofing up a rocky trail, a dog just isn’t too particular about where they lay down for a rest. But, just because a dog doesn’t need a soft, comfortable bed to fall asleep, doesn’t mean they won’t appreciate that little bit of luxury.

That’s where the TenderPaw TREKKER Bedroll is the perfect gift to give your dog the best sleep they’ve ever had – for at home and everywhere you go together.

Handwoven, Scratch-Resistant Softness

The colorful top is made from the same soft-but-durable handwoven fabric that lines our Knotted Collection of collars, leashes, and harnesses. The outer frame comes in four unique color designs – Wildflowers, Badlands, Seascape, and Daybreak – while the inner surface is a matching solid color to create a beautiful contrast.

The fabric is traditionally called meesh by indigenous Guatemalan artisans and it’s made from naturally dyed cotton thread woven by hands and feet on a large, wooden loom. The result is a richly textured, naturally fabric with a notably tight weave that stands up very well to thorns, nettles, and vigorous scratching.

Although the thread is prewashed to set the color, we soak, colorfast, and rinse the handmade fabric to add softness and eliminate shrinkage.

Built-In Foam Padding and Easy Access to Add More Cushioning

To create a balance between comfort and portability, the TenderPaw features a single layer of soft, foam padding beneath the inner solid-colored surface and a double layer of cushion beneath the patterned frame. This keeps the bedroll light and packable but ensures that it’s always plenty comfortable even for paw-sore pups and aging grey-paws.

The wide-mouth zipper opens to a plush, cavernous sleeping bag interior for added warmth on cold nights. Alternatively, fill the spacious interior with spare blankets, pillows, or even orthopedic memory foam for true monarch-level comfort.

Wear-Resistant, Waterproof, Wipe-Clean Bottom

The underside of the bed is a durable, wear-resistant, waterproof fabric called Oxford. The seams and stitching are treated with a flexible, sealant glue to improve the waterproofness of the bed’s rigid, black chassis. It’s not going be a floatation device for your dog if a flash flood suddenly sweeps through the campsite but it’s going to keep their haunches warm and dry in a drizzle and damp grass.

The sleek, tight, industrial weave of the Oxford also means that dirt, leaves, nettles, and twigs slide right off with a sweep of the hand. This means you can give the bed a shake before packing it away and it’ll stay cleaner longer.

Never Overlook the Important Details

The soft, handwoven top; integrated padding and sleeping bag interior, and waterproof and wear-resistant bottom create beautiful, unique, and comfortable package. But we obsess over the details.

First, there’s the Oxford zipper hood to protect the zipper carriage from damage during travel or naughty chewing by a pup who should be napping. Second, there’s the secret, stash-cash pocket that’s built into the seam. It’s the perfect size for hiding small valuables or even your pup’s medication.

Lastly, the bedroll comes with a rugged carrying strap. Nylon webbing lines the interior while the handwoven exterior matches the bed’s color pattern. Rolling the bed up and then securing the straps around ends creates a convenient handle. Or use the two stainless D-rings to secure the bed to a backpack, duffle, or other gear.

The TenderPaw comes in three sizes and can also be used to cushion the bottom of a kennel crate during transport or visits to the vet. If plan to use it primarily for outdoor activities, we recommend going with a size smaller to improve the portability but it you’re mostly going to use it at home, then go larger for splaying out in maximum comfort.

The TenderPaw TREKKER Bedroll is perfect for hoof-hardened trailblazers, aging achy-paws, and tip-toeing newbies. It’s also an excellent standalone accessory or get it as part of a complete set that includes a matching bandana and poop bag holder.

Pick the size and unique color pattern for your next adventure together, and then set off with a beautifully comfortable bit of home for everywhere you go.



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