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K9 Moto Rainfly


The K9 Moto Rainfly protects your dog from the cold, wind, and rain to ensure comfort and safety when riding in adverse weather conditions.

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The K9 Moto Rainfly equips your dog for the rain and cold when they ride with you in their K9 Moto Cockpit motorcycle dog carrier.

This motorcycle dog rainfly is constructed from durable, waterproof nylon. The fabric is lightweight and packable while providing sturdy wind protection and insulation.

The K9 Moto Rainfly is custom-fitted to hug the contours of your K9 Moto Cockpit for a water-protective seal and improved insulation. Elastic drawstrings run along the skirting, which allows you to cinch the bottom tightly. Just above the drawstring, sturdy eyelets allow you to secure the rainfly in place when riding at high speed or against strong headwinds.

The hood is a separate but integrated component. This allows your dog to ride without it in lighter rain or milder conditions. When in use, the hood’s long skirting ensures that moisture rolls down, off, and away. Likewise, the rainfly features a padded, upturned collar that cinches around the neck to ensure that no moisture enters beneath the hood. The hood ample, tubular shape easily accommodates big canine heads and pointy ears but reduces wind capture and flapping.

The three-point system eliminates bunching and makes it easily to achieve proper fitment, comfort, and superior moisture protection. The hood features a soft, elastic inner tube (happy hoody style) improves fit and comfort. Three drawstrings cinch the hood crosswise around and over the dog’s head and to frame their face.

The K9 Moto Rainfly comes with a cinchable stuff sack that can be packed into a pannier or saddlebag, or strapped to the outside of your dog’s K9 Moto Cockpit.

The rainfly creates a durable, moisture-resistant enclosure to keep your dog warm and comfortable when riding in the most adverse weather conditions.

NOTE: Select the size Cockpit for your Rainfly. Then you will be asked for the Rainfly Hood size.

  • Lightweight, durable, waterproof nylon fabric
  • Paracord and plastic stoppers line the hood and skirt for adjustability
  • Large hood with Velcro size adjustment tab and roll-up zippered collar pouch
  • Velcro closure at the neck
  • Includes cinchable stuff sack

  • Hand or machine wash on gentle cycle
  • Use cold water and mild detergent
  • Line dry or machine dry on Low or Air Only

Your purchase of the K9 Moto Rainfly supports skilled indigenous artisan tailors in the Guatemalan Highlands.

These are hardworking craftspeople who work in sustainable, home workshops rather than commute to factories in overcrowded cities.

We pay above market wages to good people who are dedicated and passionate about the work we do together.

We believe in doing business in a way that benefits everyone and you make this possible.

NOTE: Select the size Cockpit for your Rainfly. Then you will be asked for the Rainfly Hood size.

The following Rainfly Hood sizes are available for all sizes of the K9 Moto Rainfly.

Graphical size chart for rainfly hood for motorcycle dog carrier