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K9 Moto SunShield


The K9 Moto SunShield protects your dog from the sun without catching wind or blocking the cooling airflow and ventilation they receive when riding in their K9 Moto Cockpit motorcycle dog carrier.

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The K9 Moto SunShield protects your dog against the harsh sun while riding in their K9 Moto Cockpit.

Made of ultra-lightweight nylon fabric, the SunShield’s minimal weight and bulk does not inhibit the airflow and cooling ventilation of the Cockpit’s authentic, open-air design.

The SunShield features a large crosswise vent at the midsection to improve ventilation and avoid wind capture while riding at high speed. Nylon webbing along the edges reinforces the structure and durability of the SunShield through long use.

Contoured side-release buckles with adjustable straps secure the SunShield to the Cockpit’s padded tubular frame, forward anchors. The addition of a strap connection to the rear of the dog’s collar prevents the sun protector from flapping in the wind and ensures maximal coverage.

In the white color, the SunShield reflects – rather than absorbs – the sun to further ensure a cool, comfortable ride even under harsh sunlight.

The K9 Moto SunShield includes a lightweight travel pouch that can be stored away or strapped to the Cockpit’s exterior.

  • Ultra-lightweight, durable nylon fabric
  • Water-resistant for protection against light rain
  • Nylon webbing provides structural reinforcement
  • Plastic side-release buckles for securing to Cockpit
  • Large vents at midsection to improve airflow and reduce wind capture
  • Includes a small, strap-on carrying pouch

  • Hand or machine wash on gentle cycle
  • Use cold water and mild detergent
  • Line dry or machine dry on Low or Air Only

Your purchase of the K9 Moto Sunshield supports indigenous artisan tailors who work in sustainable, home workshops in the Guatemalan Highlands.

We pay above market wages to good people who are dedicated and passionate about the work we do together.

We believe in doing business in a way that benefits everyone and you make this possible.

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LARGE – Custom sized