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K9 Moto TailBag


Maximize your precious motorcycle luggage space with a rugged gear bag that’s built to fit the rear underside of your dog’s K9 Moto Cockpit.

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The K9 Moto TailBag provides approximately 2L of additional storage space (depends on the size of your dog’s Cockpit) for carrying your dog’s motorcycling essentials.

The TailBag motorcycle carrier luggage is made of rugged, waterproof outdoor vinyl. The half-moon shaped TailBag perfectly conforms to the rear underside of your dog’s Cockpit.

The luggage bag interior is constructed of smooth, semi-rigid black vinyl. The shape is further reinforced with inlaid 3D mesh at the top and an inlaid plastic panel at the bottom.

A wide-mouth waterproof zipper lines the rear half-moon curve for easy access to the contents. An elastic mesh pocket hugs the top interior to hold smaller items and improve on-the-road organization of your gear.

The stylish exterior is unmarked by hanging straps and buckles. Instead, the webbing-and-slider-based anchor system is entirely concealed by the Cockpit cushion.

The low-profile tail bag extends approximately ½in (1.5cm) below the Cockpit’s cushioned, tubular frame. Check your taillight location to ensure the visibility is not obstructed.

The K9 Moto TailBag is perfect for carrying your dog’s motorcycling essentials such as kibble, treats, and their Mother Hucker fetch toy. Better still, use it to store your dog’s K9 Moto SunShield and K9 Moto Rainfly so they don’t take up the limited space in your saddlebags or side cases.

  • Rugged, semi-rigid vinyl exterior
  • Wide-mouth waterproof zipper across the rear
  • Smooth vinyl interior with mesh top pocket
  • Hidden strapping system utilizes nylon webbing with plastic sliders
  • Conforms to the rear underside area of the K9 Moto Cockpit
  • Note: Check placement to ensure bag does not obstruction taillight visibility

  • Hand or machine wash on gentle cycle
  • Use cold water and mild detergent
  • Line dry or machine dry on Low or Air Only

Your purchase of the K9 Moto TailBag supports indigenous artisan tailors who work in sustainable, home workshops in the Guatemalan Highlands.

We pay above market wages to good people who are dedicated and passionate about the work we do together.

We believe in doing business in a way that benefits everyone and you make this possible.

MINI – approx. 1.75L – 9.6in x 6.7in half circle x 1.5in tall / 24.5cm x 17cm half circle x 4cm tall

STANDARD – approx. 2L – 11in x 6.7in half circle x 1.5in tall / 28cm x 17cm half circle x 4cm tall

LARGE* – approx. 2L – 11in x 6.7in half circle x 1.5in tall / 28cm x 17cm half circle x 4cm tall
*The Large is sized for the most common Large Cockpit dimensions (86cm x 44cm x 28cm). If the frame dimensions of your Large Cockpit are substantially greater than these, the Large TailBag will fit just fine, but you can also reach out to us about a custom-sized K9 Moto TailBag.