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My Pup Goes Camping Mug


Your custom My Pup Goes Camping Mug celebrates your adventures together with original artwork based on your favorite dog photo.

  • Make any enhancements you want
  • Approve only when you’re 100% satisfied
  • Your mug art is wraparound printed and protected

Allow 3 weeks for production.

$40 for 1, $25 for each additional

Quantity Discount (%) Price
1 $40.00
2 18.75 % $32.50
3 25 % $30.00
4 28.13 % $28.75
5 30 % $28.00
6+ 31.25 % $27.50

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Your My Pup Goes Camping captures the spirit of your travel adventures together.

Our talented designer creates personalized artwork from your photos and your imagination.

This 12oz custom dog mug is made from metal and enamel, and it is lightweight and sized for adventure.

Once you approve the custom design, we print it around the entire mug and add a transparent protective coating.

Connect it to your pack with a carabiner and then use your My Pup Goes Camping Mug for outdoor travel and by the campfire.

There is no minimum order, so get a single, a pair, or one for the whole family. If you want a stylish ceramic mug for home and office, check out the engraved and painted My Pup Mug.

How It Works

If you’re an award-winning furtographer then you can go ahead and print your original photo right onto the camping mug.

For the rest of us, an artist-made graphic design based on our photo and imagination is the answer.

Our designer creates original artwork from your photo – and whatever you want us to add, remove, or change about it. Then we print it on a lightweight 12oz camping mug.

You can include whatever you want: your dog’s name, a motto or inspiring quote, your company logo, Instagram handle, or anything else.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Pick your favorite photo of your dog. You can also combine more than one photo.
  2. Tell us whatever you want to add, remove, or change about the photo. For example, it was overcast when you took the photo or maybe the lilies hadn’t bloomed yet.
  3. Our artist creates a proof and we send it for your approval.
  4. We’ll revise the artwork as many times as it takes, so you only approve it when you’re 100% satisfied.
  5. Once you approve the proof, we send it to our artisan to print and seal on your enamel cup.

It’s the perfect travel gift to yourself or for your outdoors-dog-and-coffee-loving loved ones!

  • Artist creates 100% original artwork of your dog from your photo
  • Include any text you want: dog’s name, motto, Instagram, business logo, etc.
  • Your artwork is wraparound printed on a 12oz travel-size enamel camping mug
  • Camping mug is dishwasher safe

  • Dishwasher safe
  • Not microwave safe

Your My Pup Goes Camping Mug supports hardworking indigenous Guatemalan artisans.

Our talented artist and skilled artisans work from sustainable, home workshops and bring tremendous passion to their craft.

We pay fair wages and work with kind, compassionate individuals.

We believe in doing business in a way that does good, and you make it possible.

ONE SIZE – 12oz enamel camping