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Tailwinds Leash


The Tailwinds Leash has vibrant strands of color that are woven above a reflective ribbon that shimmers under bright sunlight and headlights.



The Tailwinds Outdoor Dog Leash is for going safely together while exploring your world.

The knotted band creates a brilliant reflection under sunlight and oncoming headlights.

This rugged outdoor dog leash features a slender cushioned handle, stainless swivel clip for collar attachment, and welded D-ring for connecting a poop bag holder.

Naturally dyed handwoven fabric covers a sturdy nylon webbing interior.

Skilled women artisans create the stylish knotted band over 10 hours in sustainable, home workshops in Guatemala.

Save 10% when you get the Tailwinds Leash with as matching collar and poop bag holder as part of the Essentials Kit. Or save 20% when you get the Expedition Kit, which also includes a travel bed and bandana.


  • Scratch and claw resistant knotted ribbon in vivid colors over reflective tape
  • Durable, outdoor tough, leather free nylon webbing interior with a handwoven covering
  • Stainless swivel clip for easy collar/harness connection and D ring for poop bag holder
  • Slender, teardrop shaped handle with plush, integrated foam padding interior
  • 48 inches / 122 cm long


  • Hand or machine wash on gentle cycle
  • Use cold water and mild detergent
  • Line dry or machine dry on Low or Air Only

Does Good

Your purchase of the Tailwinds Leash supports hardworking indigenous women artisans and tailors.

They are skilled craftspeople who work in sustainable home workshops in remote villages rather than traveling long distances to cities.

We pay highly competitive wages to good, kind people who are passionate about preserving the colors and techniques of their cultural heritage.

We believe in doing good by doing good business and you make this possible.


ONE SIZE – ¾” wide x 48” long

Check Out the Gear Guide Video for the Details

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