Moxie is adamant in her belief that only a special few humans – mostly athletes and dancers – are as agile and nimble as even the most common house dog. She has evidence too, including when Greg slices his thumb wide open while trying to start a fire at the campsite on the first night of their trip to Las Nubes Waterfall in Chiapas, Mexico.

Earlier that same day of Greg’s shockingly clumsy display of knife skills, Jessie’s motorcycle suffers a dead battery, and she heckles Greg for being too weak to bump-start it. Eventually the mechanic arrives but the bike’s wiring doesn’t reach the off-brand battery’s terminals.

The next day, the pack hauls most of the camping gear back up to their motorcycles but Greg insists they return for the rest down an easier trail. They wind up at a different part of the river and Jessie and Moxie have to perform an amphibious rescue of the camping gear while wounded-thumb Greg waits at the shore.

That afternoon they arrive at Lagos de Montebello, Mexico and the next day they ride on to Las Nubes Waterfalls. But, along the way, Jessie asks Greg to ride her bike across a difficult bridge and he has a nasty crash.



Moxie’s gear: Step Outside Collar in Melons and Berries

Motorcycle dog carrier: K9 Moto Cockpit

Music: “The Wilderness” by George’s Town, “These Days” by Pearce Roswell, “7 Years to Life” by Pastis, and “Turned to Stone” by Pink Persona from Epidemic Sound

Special thanks to Giant Loop motorcycle gear and Arkadia Supply Co travel gear