Logo for RUFFLY’s around-the-world motorcycle adventure to fundraise for girls’ empowerment including silhouette of a woman on a motorcycle with a German Shepherd dog

We’re donating 10% of all gear sales – so shop now!

We’re donating 10% of all gear sales – so shop now!

Blond woman and German Shepherd dog sit between two BMW adventure motorcycles at lake and give high five with overlaid text: “WORLD ADVENTURE”

Jess and Moxie
Ride Around the World to Raise $100k for Girl Up

Around-the-World Motorcycle Journey for Girls’ Empowerment

Jessica Stone is on an 18-month journey across 5 continents to travel around the world on a motorcycle with her 75lb German shepherd, Moxie, riding on the back.

Jess and Moxie – along with their RUFFLY co-founder, Greg – are tackling this adventure in partnership with Girl Up to raise $100k for their global empowerment projects and RUFFLY is donating 10% of gear sales.

Jess hopes this world adventure will inspire girls to dream big and persist to achieve their own goals.

The world journey begins at Lake Atitlan, Guatemala on March 5, 2022.

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  • $100K Fundraising Goal 2% 2%

Please donate to support girls’ empowerment programs around the world through our Girl Up fundraiser campaign!

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Go RUFFLY Around the World

The world adventure launches from RUFFLY‘s Guatemala HQ on 5 March 2022. We tour North America during summer 2022 and Europe during summer 2023.

The route around the world includes:

North America  ·  Africa  ·  Europe  ·  Asia  ·  South America

Where in the World Are We Right Now

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Upcoming Events

21 SEP 2021
GoRUFFLY Around the World Announcement

26 FEB 2022
Pre-Launch Q&A with Jess

5 MAR 2022
GoRUFFLY Around the World Launch
Panajachel, Guatemala

An Empowerment Story to Inspire Girls Everywhere

The challenges that Jess has overcome to ride around the world with her dog is a roadmap of empowerment for girls everywhere.

  • How she faced fear and low self-confidence to become a rider
  • How riding has given her confidence to tackle life’s challenges
  • How each small success motivated her to set bigger goals

One of her goals is to ride around the world with her dog and to share the story as an inspiration to girls who think they can’t achieve big things.


Woman poses with German Shepherd in motorcycle dog carrier beside lake with volcanoes


Woman rides adventure motorcycle standing with German Shepherd on off-road beside lake with volcanoes

Many Challenges Lay Ahead

During the around the world adventure there will be foreign languages, security concerns, motorcycle breakdowns, harsh climates and challenging road conditions.

Jess’s greatest fear is riding off-road. She rides a big motorcycle – with her large dog on the back – and there are thousands of miles of dirt, sand, rocks and river crossings between her and her goal.

The only way around is through.

So follow along as Jess struggles to overcome her fears and accomplish something extraordinary. Through our partnership with Girl Up, our goal is to raise $100K to support girls’ empowerment projects around the world.

Please donate now to help girls dream big and persist!

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About the RUFFLY Riders

Jess Stone is the founder of RUFFLY where she works with women artisans to make ethical outdoor dog gear that does good, goes everywhere and looks amazing!

Born in Toronto, Jess is an ex-international aid worker who worked across East and West Africa. She learned to ride a motorcycle in Liberia in 2013 and had just 800km of experience when she set off on her first big trip to ride from North to South America.

Jess’s husband and shaggier, scruffier other half, Greg, will be along for the ride, carrying gear, working the cameras, and enjoying every minute of it.

Moxie is a German Shepherd by breed, a Guatemalan by birth, and a daring adventure dog. She likes chasing cats and dislikes alpha males – can you blame her?

Blonde woman in tank top stands with BMW adventure motorcycle with dog carrier beside German Shepherd and man with off-road motorcycle

At RUFFLY, we’re donating 10% of all gear sales to Girl Up during the world adventure for girls’ empowerment projects.

Check out our ethical outdoor gear shop to outfit your dog and support the cause!

Thanks to Our World Adventure Partners

It takes amazing gear and rock solid support to get two motorcycles and a German shepherd around the world.

Artistic vectorized diagrams of BMW G650GS and F700GS adventure motorcycles with labels to identify sponsored gear and services
Artistic vectorized diagrams of BMW G650GS adventure motorcycle with labels to identify sponsored gear and services
Artistic vectorized diagrams of BMW F700GS adventure motorcycle with labels to identify sponsored gear and services

Are you planning an adventure of your own?

Having the right gear and support is crucial to success. Check out what we use to for some ideas about what works and how to get the most from it.

Giant Loop motorcycle luggage logo, name, and web address
Arkadia Supply Co logo and company name
Giant Loop motorcycle luggage logo, name, and web address
Arkadia Supply Co logo and company name

Partner with Us to Share the Adventure

We’re always looking for partners to help us make this fundraiser journey an enormous success. We’re riding to support a good cause. So, if your brand believes in advancing girls’ empowerment, then contact us about hosting a fundraiser, making a corporate donation, or lending your support another way.

For partnership inquiries, email [email protected].

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the COVID-19 pandemic affect the adventure?

Jess and Greg are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and we will take booster shots as and when they become available. We will follow CDC guidance while in the United States and adhere to all public health ordinances in the countries and regions where we travel. This includes routine testing, mask wearing when indoors and among crowds, and maintaining social distancing.

How does Moxie travel on Jess’s motorcycle?

Moxie rides in a K9 Moto Cockpit motorcycle dog carrier on Jess’s BMW G650GS motorcycle. RUFFLY designed this unique carrier and custom builds Cockpits for dog-loving motorcycle riders all around the world. Check out our detailed Gear Guide video for more information about the K9 Moto Cockpit.

How do you ensure that Moxie is as safe as possible on the motorcycle?

Moxie has traveled thousands of kilometers in the K9 Moto Cockpit without an injury of any kind. The Cockpit’s cushioned design keeps her safe and comfortable while enjoying an authentic riding experience with Jess. She wears eye protection, and we always harness her in securely while riding. Check out this Gear Guide video about how we secure Moxie into her Cockpit and our Rider’s Guide article for a very detailed assessment of the safety considerations.

What is Girl Up?

No matter their background, girls have the power to transform themselves, their communities, and the world around them. Girl Up is a global movement of empowered young women leaders who defend gender equality. Through leadership development training, Girl Up gives girls the resources and platform to start a movement for social change wherever they are.

For those who stand with us in this movement, there is no rest until we achieve equal rights for every girl. Because when girls rise, we all rise.

Girl Up was founded by the United Nations Foundation in 2010, and continues to work across a global community of partners to achieve gender equality worldwide.

Is my donation to the Girl Up campaign tax deductible?

Yes, your donation to our Girl Up campaign goes directly to Girl Up and it is tax deductible for U.S. taxpayers. So, donate now!

How is RUFFLY supporting the Girl Up campaign?

We believe that the better this worthy campaign does, the better we will do! That’s why we are donating 10% of all sales during the around the world adventure. We also created the Knotted Bracelet specifically to support the Girl Up campaign. It matches the color and design of our collars, harnesses, and leashes, and 100% of the bracelet proceeds go to Girl Up. So, you can donate to the campaign directly or buy ethical outdoor gear from us to support Girl Up!

Are there any other ways that I can help support the Girl Up campaign?

Absolutely, yes! The easiest way is to share and repost content about the world adventure and encourage everyone you know to donate. Do all the gift shopping for the dogs and dog-lovers in your life with us because 10% goes to Girl Up. Take up a collection at work or, if you’re a businessowner, contact us about becoming a corporate partner. Most importantly, help spread the word!

Can we arrange for you to share this inspiring story at my motorcycle dealership, pet store, or other?

We’d love to. We’re happy to do a talk and answer questions wherever our route and timeline allows so email us or call +1 323-454-3127.

Can we meet up for a ride or a coffee somewhere along your route?

That would be awesome! Email us and let us know where you are and what you have in mind for a meetup.

How can I follow along and know where you are on the journey?

There are many ways to follow along and stay informed about the world adventure. The route map on this page shows our route and current location so you can see if we’re coming through your area. Subscribe to our Instagram and Facebook because we frequently post where we are and what we’re doing. Each week we post a new episode of our on 2 Wheels + 4 Paws adventure travel series so subscribe to our YouTube channel and enjoy all the thrills!