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Making a Whale Watching of a Plan with a Dog

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Often, there simply isn’t enough time during our three workdays to plan activities for our next four-day riding segment.

That makes connectivity on the road an important tool for squeezing the most from this journey even as we manage our business as well.

But the marvel that is cellular data remains quite spotty where we spend most of our riding days and nights.

This means that most plans are at most half-baked when we lose coverage.

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That’s what happened as we journeyed south down the Baja California peninsula.

I was in contact with a whale watching tour operator that might just maybe possibly allow us to bring Moxie on the boat, or at least, stay behind safely at the basecamp.

We lost coverage as we approached Laguna San Ignacio, so we decided to take the gamble.

We rode south along to the airstrip to where we had seen the Baja Expeditions pin on the map earlier in the day.

After long, hard washboard kilometers through a desolate landscape, we reached the dusty airstrip. Beside it was a half-abandoned structure at the GPS coordinates where the Baja Expeditions should have been.

“El campamento está al otro lado de la laguna,” explained the airstrip owner matter-of-factly. “The basecamp is on the other side of the lagoon.”

But wouldn’t you know they had a wifi router and shared the password.

As we set up the tent near the bluff but close enough to catch a signal, the WhatsApp chimed on Greg’s phone.

He walked closer to the one-room structure that was the airstrip’s office and bunkhouse to improve the wifi signal.

“They’ll send a boat over early in the morning,” he said over the wind gusts when he returned.

“Moxie can stay with the staff at the basecamp and we’ll get breakfast and then go out whale watching.”

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