Logo for RUFFLY’s around-the-world motorcycle adventure to fundraise for girls’ empowerment including silhouette of a woman on a motorcycle with a German Shepherd dog

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Blond woman and German Shepherd dog sit between two BMW adventure motorcycles at lake and give high five with overlaid text: “WORLD ADVENTURE”

It’s a Story of Empowerment and Adventure

Riding Around the World with a Big Dog for a Good Cause

Check Out What’s Being Said in the Press about Jess and Moxie’s Adventure

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16 June 2022 | Overland Expo

A Woman, a Motorcycle and Her Dog Travelling Around the World! Meet Jess Stone!

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Necessity Fuels Innovative Creations at 2022 Overland Expo West

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E2 GoRUFFLY Around the World

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Riding a Motorcycle Around the World to Help Young Women

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Jess Stone: Rider, Dog Owner, Entrepreneur, and Advocate

13 December 2021 | Woman Rider

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11 December 2021 | Dogcast Radio

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11 November 2021 | Rider Magazine Insider

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14 October 2021 | Adventure Rider Radio

Around-the-World Fundraiser Ride with Ruffly’s Jess Stone and her Dog Moxie

7 October 2021 | Woman Rider

Crashing Around Guatemala

August 2021 | Adventure She

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Blond woman and German Shepherd dog rest together beside crashed adventure motorcycle on rocky, dirt road

Help Us Tell This Inspiring Story

During the world adventure, Jess faces security concerns, foreign languages, breakdowns, and difficult road conditions.

She must cross thousands of miles of off-road – dirt, sand, rocks, and river crossings – with Moxie on the back.

Help us tell this story so that the challenges Jess faces will inspire girls around the world to dream big and persist towards their own goals!