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K9 Moto BoosterSeat


Ensure a perfect Cockpit fit for your K9 copilot – even if it’s a growing puppy!

* For Standard and Large Cockpit only *

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The K9 Moto BoosterSeat is a fully adjustable, padded insert that creates a custom fit for your dog inside their Cockpit.

The BoosterSeat is the ideal accessory to improve your dog’s safety in cases where their Standard or Large size Cockpit does not fit snuggly. This can occur when your dog is still a growing puppy or falls on the small end of the Cockpit’s size range.

The BoosterSeat insert is comprised of six modular components that are easily assembled and adjusted to produce the perfect fit. The components include a bottom cushion (1), side (2) and rear walls (1), and a retaining strap (2) in two thicknesses.

The semirigid side and rear walls are padded with 1-inch (2.5cm) thick foam to extend the Cockpit’s padded roll bar protection closer around your dog. The cushion’s 1-inch (2.5cm) thick foam interior can be removed to reduce the BoosterSeat’s height within the Cockpit.

The base of the padded walls adhere to the cushion with matching velcro while the retaining strap reinforces the upper structure.

Each wall can be moved inward, outward, or removed to produce the perfect custom fit. Each padded wall secures to the Cockpit’s roll bars with adjustable side-release buckles to ensure that the BoosterSeat insert remains firmly in place.

The BoosterSeat is upholstered in the same durable outdoor vinyl as your Cockpit. The light grey color reduces heat absorption from strong sunshine. The side and rear walls include cut-outs to allow unrestricted airflow and venting of body heat for comfortable use in hot riding conditions.

The K9 Moto BoosterSeat creates a protective, custom fit for smaller dogs and growing puppies in the Standard and Large size Cockpit.

Note: The K9 Moto BoosterSeat comes in one size for use in the Standard and Large size K9 Moto Cockpit only.

  • Comprised of cushion (1), side (2) and rear walls (1)
  • Retaining straps in two thicknesses for upper reinforcement
  • 1-inch (2.5cm) thick foam padded in walls and cushion
  • Cushion’s foam interior can be removed to lower the height
  • Matching velcro adheres walls to cushion
  • Durable outdoor vinyl exterior in light grey color
  • Walls feature cut-outs to allow unrestricted airflow and ventilation
  • Walls secure to Cockpit roll bars with buckle straps

  • Hand wash or spray with hose
  • Use cold water and mild detergent
  • Air or line dry

Your purchase of the K9 Moto BoosterSeat supports artisan tailors who work in small, home workshops in the Guatemalan Highlands.

We pay fair wages to skilled craftspeople who are dedicated and passionate about the work we do together.

We believe in making quality dog gear in a better way and you make this possible.

Shipping size: 30in x 13in x 5in | 76cm x 33cm x 13cm

Size when fully assembled: 28in x 13½in x 9⅝in | 71cm x 34cm x 25cm