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That Time When Whimsy Ate Cement

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After Moxie passed, it was nearly impossible to imagine sharing this adventure with another dog or copilot. But it was also impossible to imagine not sharing this adventure with another dog.

After all, we’re dog-loving people who have a dog-products business and set ourselves a mission to ride around the world with a dog.

So, after months of grieving, we had both joy and sadness in our hearts when we welcomed Whimsy into our pack. She has a hunger for life – actually a hunger for everything – which means she bites down into everything we do – and everything around.

Including, as it turns out, a bag of cement left open beside the half-constructed casita at an AirBnB where we stayed in Costa Rica. Postcard of a small White Swiss Shepherd puppy on a plush bed She returned shortly thereafter and we knew something was afoot the way she wore that self-satisfied grin and an overfull belly.

Soon we discovered the scene of the crime and we took the appropriate measures.

That night she vomited cement on the cream-colored living room rug and she continued to poop cement for the next three days.

I was fretful and anxious at the time but now, with some months of perspective, I suppose it’s one of the many aspects of what it means to share this adventure with a dog!

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