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The Dog Fetch Toy That Gives a Great Big Huck

Brindle dog leaps into the air to catch a dog rope toy from boy’s hand

The Mother Hucker dog fetch toy delivers hours of wholesome fun and exercise for big energetic dogs and small ones.

Playing is how dogs – and humans – stay lean, healthy, and in good humor.

That’s why every dog – and every human – should have a favorite fetch toy that gives them hours of good, wholesome fun.

That’s where the Mother Hucker comes in.

Brown and white dog waits excitedly for fetch toy

We know you’re full of questions. So, let’s answer the basics.


What is the Mother Hucker?

Well, if you need to label it, the Mother Hucker is a dog fetch toy.


What is it made of?

The Mother Hucker is made of dye-free cotton rope.

Cotton dog rope fetch toy with monkey fist knot

What features does it have?

Extraordinary ones, of course:

  • Weighty monkey fist knot at one end
  • Handle loop on the other
  • Cotton rope that is soft on the hand and gums, but resistant to the fiercest tugging and chewing


But what makes it so special?

Ah-ha, now you’ve hit on it. The truth is that the Mother Hucker isn’t so much a toy as a magical charm. Its magic is to transform your wild, gnashing beastie into an affectionate, loving companion. You know, the one that cuddles up beside you to snooze through an episode of Homeland or This Is Us.


How does it do that?

Well, it’s magic so obviously we can’t give away the secret. But all you need to do to make it work is take your dog outside and huck together for 15 minutes each evening after work.

Black dog sleeps on red bed beside cotton rope dog fetch toy

That’s it! See, just like we said – magic!


The Hucker comes in two sizes: The Mother Hucker is for large dogs with lots of energy to burn while the Mini Hucker is for those rambunctious, little nippers to chase down.

Large and small dog rope toys in squiggly arrangement

Just a final note on hucking (i.e. tossing or hurling): there are many ways to huck so it’s just a matter a preference but here’s a few things to keep in mind…

–o   Hucking burns calories and builds lean muscle.

–o   Wait 15 minutes after feeding before you huck.

–o   A long, hard huck is better than a short one.

–o   Your dog will never forget their first huck.

Brindle puppy dog lays on grass with rope fetch toy in mouth

We hope you found this detailed gear breakdown helpful. Now, head over and check out our Gear Guide review video for the Mother Hucker Dog Fetch Toy.

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