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Tote Bag that Is Always with You and Never in the Way

Young woman holds tote bag and dog leash in a beautiful, green garden

The Stow and Go Tote Bag is the convenient solution to never forget your grocery bag again so you can finally say ‘No!’ to plastic bags


How many times have you made an unplanned stop at the grocery store only to realize that you didn’t bring a tote bag along?

So, now you must choose between a plastic bag (yuck!) and buying yet another tote bag to add to your enormous collection. Many grocery stores don’t offer plastic bags anymore, which is responsible but makes your choice even starker: buy another ugly tote, juggle your groceries as you walk, or call an Uber!

The Stow and Go Tote Bag is the solution that you didn’t know you were waiting for but will be so relieved that you discovered.

Blond woman stands by rustic gate holding grocery tote bag and dog leash


Loads of Space and Sturdy Enough to Carry Loads


The lightweight nylon Go Tote grocery bag has ample space to load up with all your necessities. And don’t be afraid to load it with your heaviest items: jugs of almond milk, blocks of tofu, and piles of Honeycrisp or Braeburn apples.

With reinforced stitching and double layers at the stress points, the ‘point’ is this – unless you’re a CrossFit champion, the Go Tote can carry more than your shoulder can.

Black, lightweight tote bag filled with variety of fresh groceries and French baguette


A ‘Stowaway’ to Bring Along and Forget All About


The Go Tote is easy to stow away, and it takes only second. Just fold it the long way once, twice, and then roll it up and stash it in the accompanying Stow Bag.

The Stow Bag features the same plush, naturally dyed cotton that you find on our Knotted Dog Collar and Leashes. Beneath the handwoven cotton exterior a semi-rigid nylon layer reinforces the elegant shape and provides extra durability.

The Stow Bag features convenient snap-button straps at both ends and a wide-mouth snap-button opening. This means that once you attach it to your shoulder bag, purse, or dog leash, you’ll forget that it’s there. It’s very lightweight and there won’t be any annoying swing or free-hanging dangle.

Man’s hand holds a dog leash with a stuff sack attached near the handle


Hangs Great Together without the Dangle


What’s more, the Stow Bag is sides so that you can use it right alongside your your Only Paw Prints Poop Bag Holder on your dog’s leash. They nestle together so lightly and conveniently that you won’t notice them there – but you’ll be thankful when you need them!


So, there’s feeling bad about walking home with another plastic bag “just this time”. No more collecting tote bags that fill the coatrack and pile up in the closet. No more juggling groceries on the way home or calling an Uber.

The lightweight and convenient Stow and Go Tote Bag is always with you and never in the way!

Young woman kneels beside laying German shepherd while holding a lightweight grocery tote on her shoulder

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