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What If the World’s Most Expensive Coffee Isn’t that Good?

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We rode to Boquete, Panamá with a single intention – to taste the most expensive coffee in the world.

This particular strain of coffee bean originated in the Gori Gesha forest of Ethiopia where it was relatively un-noteworthy.

Then they imported it into Panama and changed the name Gesha to Geisha.

A cup of pour-over Geisha coffee cost us $9 each and we found it to be, well, ok.

Postcard of a woman and a dog camping inside of a grain silo

But “ok” is a perfectly wonderful result when the purpose of the visit is to enjoy an experience rather than enjoy the best coffee ever.

Another perfectly wonderful ok result happened shortly afterward as we scoured the Boquete surroundings for a wild camping opportunity.

As Whimsy and I awaited Greg to return from exploring down a path, a truck pulled alongside.

“No, we’re completely fine,” I explained to the driver in response to his expression of concern. “We’re looking for somewhere to wild camp.”

“I’m a rider too,” Rudy exclaimed, “and I have just the place!”

We followed him for ten minutes as the primary road led to a secondary and tertiary. There he unlocked a gate and led us to a small homestead with horses, cows, and chickens.

“I do horseback riding tours from here,” he explained.

This is where his couple of hands lived with their families and where we were welcome to set up camp for the night.

The evening winds were raging so we retreated into the storage silo where the zinc sheets groaned and creaked in agony throughout the night.

“It sounds like a f*cking horror show in here,” Greg remarked as we toasted glasses while twilight approached, “but it’s a hell of an experience to have.”

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