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Why AirBnB Is the Second Best Innovation in Travel

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The very best innovation for travel has got to be without a doubt…

…the Outin Portable Espresso Maker!

But just second to that is AirBnB.

Every now and again you have a ‘just so-so’ experience, which can be said about hotels or anything else (except a campsite espresso, of course), but most of the time the experience is incredible.

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Not only do you get to enjoy more space, usually a yard, and sometimes a garden or pond, but you also get to live in a local neighborhood.

Outside one AirBnB in Costa Rica the neighbors were drying their coffee harvest in the sun, beside another in Colombia there was a Montessori school, and in Edmonton there was Katie.

Katie immigrated to Canada from Liberia, which is the small, hardscrabble West African country where I learned to ride a motorcycle.

Katie welcomed us into her home, joked that now she would be sleeping in her car, and shared wonderful stories and insights from her life.

Now, I’m no diehard fan of big tech companies or really any company other than RUFFLY, but AirBnB has totally transformed the way we travel and the local, authentic experiences we enjoy.

Which means the only thing better than enjoying a Outin espresso made at a wild campsite is one made in the comfort of a Colombian, Costa Rican, or Alaskan AirBnB home!

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