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A Stylish, Handmade Wristband that Supports Girls’ Empowerment

Closeup of matching pink dog leash and wristband around a woman’s wrist

The Knotted Wristband supports indigenous women artisans in Guatemala and girls’ empowerment projects around the globe


The global girls’ empowerment nonprofit Girl Up says that “When girls rise, we all rise.” The belief that empowered women improve our communities is woven into our founding fabric at RUFFLY.

That’s why we work with indigenous women artisans to create ethical outdoor dog gear. It’s also why RUFFLY’s founder Jess Stone decided to launch the GoRUFFLY Around the World fundraiser for Girl Up. She’s riding around the world with her 75lb German Shepherd on the back of her motorcycle to raise $100k for Girl Up.

When Jess decided to take on this incredible fundraiser adventure, we also decided to create the Knotted Wristband. We wanted to create an accessory that would go entirely to the benefit of our women artisans and to the Girl Up fundraiser.

That’s why all proceeds from this beautiful, unique wristband go to our women artisans and the Girl Up fundraiser!

Knotted artisan-made wristbands arranged in matching designs and five unique colors


Handmade Knotted Band that Makes a Connection


The Knotted Wristband features the same hand-tied knotted band that decorates our Knotted Collars and Leashes. Not only does it look strikingly unisex-stylish, it also creates a wonderfully symbolic connection with you’re out with or separated from your dog.

Richly textured, handwoven cotton frames the sides and reverse of the wristband. This creates a sharp, black border around the knotted band and a soft, comfortable feel against your skin. The handwoven cotton is naturally dyed and colorfast so you can wear it in all weather and conditions.

Happy German shepherd looks at owner who wears blue bracelet that matches the dog collar and leash


An Active Fit Wristband, Not a Slipping, Sliding Bracelet


Unlike a bracelet that slides up and down your forearm, the Knotted Wristband is made for active use so that it looks good but stays out of your way. We achieve that by doing away with awkward, bulky claps with limited adjustability.

Instead, the wristband features an elastic band concealed within the interior. The band stretches as you place the wristband over your hand and then contracts around your wrist. This produces a firm, slip-free fit and a concealed closure.

Active-fitting, sporty knotted wristbands made by indigenous artisans in two designs and five colors


Every simple, stylish inch of the Knotted Wristband is designed to feel good. Feel good about how it looks. Feel good about carrying a symbol of your connection to your dog. And feel good about the worthy cause that your purchase supports.

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