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An Overnight Success That Was 10 Years in the Making

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You know how they talk about ‘an overnight success that was 10 years in the making’?

Well, I’m a ‘leap right in after endless procrastinating’ kind of person.

So, no one was as surprised about how it went when we had to ride through a landslide.

Postcard of a woman and a white dog beside a dirty motorcycle after a muddy crash

“What do you think?” I asked Greg over the communicator as I pulled to a stop.

“Not much choice but to ride through,” he said.

We killed the engines and he walked a few meters into the landslide to test the ground.

“It’s not as bad as it looks,” he said, “which isn’t saying much. But it’s solid enough beneath the goop.”

“Ok, then. I’ll ride and we’ll see,” I said as I started the engine.

I sketched a line with my mind’s eye, kicked Tuskarossa into gear, and rode forward.

Not a quarter of the way in my rear tire hit a rock, which sent us careening off and over and I was completely covered in mud.

Whimsy, on the other hand, barely showed a speckle on her white coat.

When we couldn’t lift the bike with her onboard, I carefully unclipped her and carried her to dry land.

As soon as I turned to walk back to the motorcycle, Whimsy came bounding through the mud like a child making a canon ball dive into a swimming pool.

Greg smiled and said, “I guess neither of you were going to tip toe in.”

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