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Only Paw Prints Poop Bag Holder


Take only memories, leave only paw prints.

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The Only Paw Prints Poop Bag Holder is the key to leaving no trace when you explore the outdoors.

The innovative swing-free design includes a stylish, stainless lobster clip and a no-dangle leash attachment strap.

This lightweight dog poop bag holder features a wide-mouth zipper opening for easy bag roll insertion and a large stainless eyelet dispenser for fast bag retrieval.

The colorful, handwoven cotton is naturally dyed and colorfast.

It’s made on large looms by skilled indigenous Guatemalan artisans who practice their traditional craft in sustainable home workshops.

Save 15% when you get the Only Paw Prints with a matching collar and leash as part of the Essentials Kit. Or go with a big 20% savings when you outfit your dog with the Expedition Kit, which also includes a matching travel bed and bandana.

  • Colorful, richly textured handwoven fabric exterior
  • Wide-mouth zipper opening and large stainless eyelet dispenser
  • Sturdy, stainless, lobster clip and no-dangle strap for leash attachment
  • Slim design that accommodates all standard poop bag rolls

  • Hand or machine wash on gentle cycle
  • Use cold water and mild detergent
  • Line dry or machine dry on Low or Air Only

When you leave no mess behind with the Only Paw Prints Poop Bag Holder you are supported hardworking, indigenous Guatemalan craftspeople.

These skilled artisans and tailors preserve their cultural heritage by practicing their trade in small, home workshops.

We pay highly competitive wages to individual creators who are kind, dedicated, and passionate about what they do.

We believe in doing business that does good and you make this possible.

ONE SIZE – 3” x 2” x 1 ½”