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Outdoor Camera Straps to Carry the Camera, Drone Bag, or Other Gear that Captures Your Adventures, Artistically and Sustainably

Red and black reflective outdoor camera strap connected to Olympus camera on gravel

The Knotted Outdoor Camera Strap is durable, artisan-made, and reflective to carry your camera gear everywhere you go securely and sustainably

The highlight of any workday at the RUFFLY HQ is when we round up a dog or two and hit the trail to put our premier outdoor gear to the test.

Grunting under the weight of her ugly, uncomfortable, generic camera strap, our photographer made a plea:

“I need something better than this!” she said.

The lightbulb went on and we got straight to work!

Knotted outdoor camera strap in red and black laying on ground with Olympus camera


Artistic Expression and Outdoor Durability

The Outdoor Camera Strap is leather-free, colorfast, and expertly artisan-built by indigenous artisans and tailors in small home workshops in the Guatemalan Highlands.

The strap features a decorative knotted band that is made by indigenous Guatemalan artisans who hand-tie thousands of intricate knots.

Reflective ribbon runs beneath the knotted band. It captures and reflects the sunlight and oncoming headlights to produce a dazzling shimmer.

Plush handwoven cotton frames the knotted ribbon and the reverse side. It is a naturally dyed, colorfast fabric that is soft and textured against your neck and shoulder.

Heavy-duty nylon webbing runs throughout the strap and reinforced stitching secures the stainless length adjusters and lobster clips at both ends.

Reflective camera strap in purple and black with knotted band and stainless lobster clips


LUXE Meaning Comfort, TREKKER Means Minimalism

The Knotted Camera Strap comes in two sizes: LUXE and TREKKER.

The LUXE size is 1 ½ inches wide, extremely plush, and maximally comfortable for carrying heavier loads.

The TREKKER size is a narrower ¾ inches wide for lighter weight and portability but includes all the same features and build quality.

Brown, green, and black reflective strap connected to Olympus Camara with white background


Strap in for Designs and Colors

The Knotted Outdoor Strap comes in two unique designs: Northern Lights and Tailwinds.

Each design is available in five distinctive colors.

  • Huckleberry Purple
  • Primrose Pink
  • Woodlands Brown and Green
  • Riptide Blue
  • Bushfire Red

In the LUXE size, ⬤ ⬤ colors adjust to 31-42 inches long while the ⬤ ⬤ ⬤ colors adjust to 36-55 inches. All TREKKER colors adjust to 36-55 inches long.


Extraordinary Design Creates Comfort and Performance

The Knotted Camera Strap features 12 inches of plush foam padding that is build into the center of the strap.

This means no bulky, sliding shoulder pad that gets in your way or slides out of place.

Instead, the dual stainless length adjusters ensure that you can adjust the length of the strap and the position of the cushion so that it is always and only right where you need it!

The stylish stainless lobster clips at either end ensure a highly secure attachment to your camera, drone bag, or other gear. Some cameras have very small attachment rings so, in these cases, we recommend securing it with a pair of utility loops.

Minimalist camera strap around the back of blonde woman’s neck


Strap in For an Unforgettable Adventures

The Knotted Camera Strap is built runway ready and outdoor tough. It also does good by providing good jobs for hardworking artisans in small, eco-footprint workshops.

You decide whether you need the uncompromising comfort of the LUXE or prefer the minimalist portability of the TREKKER.

Then strap in for all your extraordinary adventures.

Reflective outdoor camera strap in red and black with Olympus camera on sand


We hope you found this detailed gear breakdown helpful. Now, head over to pick your favorite Knotted Camera Strap or check out our Gear Guide review video to learn more.

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