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Chihuahua in small dog motorcycle dog carrier with cushioned, rigid frame and overlaid text: “NANO COCKPIT”

Share a Thrilling Ride Knowing Your Dog Is Well-Protected


Nano Cockpit

Premier motorcycle dog carrier that combines a rigid frame and plush cushioning to deliver a safe, authentic, open-air riding experience for your small dog (< 20lb/9kg).

  • Tubular metal frame for impact protection
  • Strap-down universal mounting design
  • Vinyl upholstery with reflective ribbon over foam padding
  • Personalized text embroidered on the sides
  • 2-inch-thick, removable seat cushion


build time is 3 weeks

Key Features

  • Tubular frame made of ¾-inch metal bars to create sturdy, stylish form
  • One (1) central and two (2) crosswise baseplates create a rigid, yet lightweight bottom
  • Robust anchor bars run the front-back-length of the underside for securing whichever mounting tethers you prefer
  • Frame is painted with anticorrosive, matte black automotive paint for a smooth, rust-free finish
  • Frame bars are wrapped with foam padding and covered in your choice of durable outdoor vinyl upholstery
  • Upholstery exterior is lined with Scotch reflective ribbon to enhance the appearance and safety
  • Your personalized text embroidered into the sides of the upper frame (max 10 characters)
  • Anchor bars are welded to each front and rear corner for securely harnessing your dog
  • Includes a 2-inch-thick removable seat cushion that matches the Cockpit’s footprint
  • Bottom cushion protects your motorcycle’s seat vinyl or fairing paint from the metal carrier

Full Description

The Nano Cockpit is the premier motorcycle dog carrier for sharing the thrill of the ride with your small dog (< 20lb/9kg).


Like a good riding helmet…

The Nano Cockpit’s tubular, steel frame creates a rigid barrier against external impacts while soft padding protects your dog from all hard parts.


To mount easily, anywhere…

The Nano has discrete anchor bars welded along the bottom so you can attach whatever straps you prefer and secure it to your motorcycle however you see fit. The bottom cushion protects your seat vinyl or fairing paint from the metal baseplates.


For a stress-free ride…

The dog rides in the comfortable laying-down position. This prevents them from being thrown around the carrier so you can enjoy the immense thrill of speed and hard leaning.


Under extreme weather conditions…

The Nano’s open-air design delivers maximum cooling ventilation for warm weather and extreme heat. For winter conditions, our K9 Moto Rainfly add-on protects your dog against cold, wind, rain, and torrential downpours.


When traveling far from home…

At 15in x 8in / 38cm x 20cm, the Nano Cockpit occupies a small footprint on your motorcycle. The rigid frame means you can securely attach dry bags and camping gear to the outside.


About making your dog comfortable – everywhere…

Remove the seat cushion to use as a travel bed or easily unclip the whole unit and bring it into the tent so your dog feels safe and protected for sleeping soundly on the road.


Whenever you ride together…

We recommend outfitting your dog in the K9 Moto Harness to safely and comfortably restrain them within the protection of the Nano Cockpit’s padded enclosure.

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Everything has a disclaimer these days and so, of course, does the K9 Moto Cockpit and Nano Cockpit. Please read our disclaimer fully before purchasing the Build Guide or Cockpit carrier. Read more

Man kneels beside BMW adventure motorcycle with Chihuahua on the back in a motorcycle dog carrier with overlaid text: “Share the Thrill of the Ride – Nano Cockpit”

All the Extraordinary Features that Your Moto Dog Deserves

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Artistic graphical profile diagram of bottom view of motorcycle dog carrier for small dogs with text to highlight the key features

Customize the Nano to Look Amazing on Your Motorcycle

Upholstery Catalogue

Choose from a variety of stitching and vinyl options to upholster your Nano Cockpit just the way you want it.

Your Nano includes personalized text embroidered in your color choice on the sides of your Cockpit (max 10 char.).

Ideas include:

Dog’s name  ·  YouTube channel  ·  Instagram

How It Works

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Choose your upholstery

Vector image of two elastic motorcycle luggage straps with plastic, side-release buckles

Get your mounting straps

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Share the thrill of the ride

It’s an easy online process to choose your upholstery. Add the Nano Cockpit to your cart and complete the checkout just like any other online purchase.

Once we receive your order, we’ll send you an email with a link to your project page where you select your upholstery.

That’s it! Once you select your upholstery, we outfit your Nano and then send it out to you with free international shipping.

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Share the Thrill of the Ride with Your Dog in a Cockpit, not a Suitcase

Most small dog carriers are designed to look and function like an airline suitcase. A suitcase is fine for carrying your toiletries and a change of clothes, but your precious dog?

The Nano Cockpit is a rigid motorcycle dog carrier with soft padding to protect your dog from exterior hazards and keep them safe and secure under the dynamic forces of motorcycle riding.

It is low-profile, has a universal mounting system, and is custom outfitted to match your tastes and motorcycle. For more info, check out the Gear Guide video above or this article.

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Front, side angle view of small dog motorcycle crate cushioned and upholstered in black vinyl
Front, side angle view of small dog motorcycle crate cushioned and upholstered in black vinyl
Side view of motorcycle dog seat for small dogs in black vinyl with reflective tape
Rear view of motorcycle dog seat with reflective ribbon along the exterior
Top view of padded motorcycle dog carrier for small dogs with rigid frame and vinyl upholstery
Front, side angle view of small dog motorcycle crate cushioned and upholstered in black vinyl
Front, side angle view of small dog motorcycle crate cushioned and upholstered in black vinyl
Rear view of motorcycle dog seat with reflective ribbon along the exterior
Top view of padded motorcycle dog carrier for small dogs with rigid frame and vinyl upholstery


**WARNING**: The K9 Moto Cockpit Build Guide and the K9 Moto Cockpit, including the Nano Cockpit (hereafter referred to as the “Build Guide and “Cockpit”, respectively), are intended for informational and display purposes only.

The Cockpit will modify the original design of the vehicle on which it is installed and may change the way in which the vehicle operates and/or handles. User assumes all risk and is responsible for the proper operation and handling of the vehicle as modified.

RUFFLY makes no warranties, expressed or implied, as to the Cockpit's use as a safety device. This item is designed exclusively for dogs and has not been tested for a safety rating as established by the U.S. Department of Transportation or U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. User assumes all risk and is responsible for any injuries to user and/or user’s dog as a result of using this product.

The user agrees to have the Cockpit reviewed by a qualified motorcycle mechanic for quality and suitability for the user’s specific motorcycle make and model. The user assumes all risk and is responsible for the proper installation and use of this product. The user expressly agrees to hold RUFFLY, including but not limited to its owners, officers, designers, and agents, harmless from any and all damages and/or losses incurred by the user and/or others including any and all harm to the user’s pet from the use of the Cockpit.

No claims, representations or warranties, whether expressed or implied, are made by RUFFLY as to the safety, reliability, durability and performance of any of its products, including but not limited to the Cockpit. Furthermore, RUFFLY accepts no liability whatsoever for the safety, reliability, durability and performance of any of said products.

RUFFLY further makes no representations, expressed or implied, and provides no warranties of any kind with regard to construction and/or use of the Cockpit, including but not limited to whether the Cockpit complies with any federal, state or local statutes, laws, rules or regulations pertaining to such construction or use.

The user assumes all responsibility for the user’s and the product’s compliance with all statutes, laws, rules and/or regulations, nationally and internationally, as they may apply to this product and/or its assembly and its application to the user’s vehicle.

RUFFLY reminds users that motorcycling is a dangerous activity and any changes to the original setup or configuration of the motorcycle will change the vehicle’s performance and might void the manufacturer’s warrantee. Furthermore, riding a motorcycle with a dog is dangerous for both the rider and the animal. RUFFLY reminds dog owners to always safely secure your dog in any moving vehicle.

K9 Moto Cockpit


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