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Sometimes Having the Adventure of a Lifetime Means Bringing Work Along

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When you imagine your own adventure of a lifetime, it probably doesn’t involve bringing your job with you.

But that’s exactly what GoRUFFLY is.

That’s why we stop for three days out of every week to respond to customers, design Cockpits, and manage our social channels.

The best place to do this from is usually an AirBnB in the suburbs because it has fast internet and a small yard for Whimsy.

But sometimes we branch out and the results are either phenomenal or disastrous.

Postcard of two adventure motorcycles park in a forest

The most difficult three workdays happened when we stayed at the Yukon Motorcycle Park in Whitehorse.

The staff was friendly, our fellow visitors were engaging, and the grounds were lovely – but we were completely miserable!

A cold snap rolled in during our stay, which caused the temperatures to plummet near freezing.

We ran an extension cable into our wall tents, which kept the laptops powered, while a flickering single bar of wifi kept us connected.

But with no heat, we worked in long johns, sweaters, and riding jackets while sitting under the covers and under our sleeping bags.

While we grumbled and shivered, Moxie was in heaven. She chased every last squirrel up a tree and then paraded around to visit each tree-bound hostage in turn.

I’m told the wall tents are now fully powered and heated, but the next time we visit you can be sure the laptops will stay packed away!

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