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The Reflective Dog Harness for Leaping into the Extraordinary Together

White and tan dog at shore with wet outdoor dog harness in pink and black

A good dog harness is built on quality, performance, and functionality – the Knotted Harness also delivers elegant design for active, outdoor dogs.

Not surprisingly, we recommend never letting your dog leave home bare-necked ?.

Still, there are plenty of good safety reasons to outfit your dog in a harness for walks and excursions. The most common concerns that some people have for connecting the leash to the collar are:

  • Dog’s size and breed
  • Tendency to get tangled up in the leash
  • Possibility of throat and neck injuries

White and tan dog lays on grass while wearing pink and black outdoor harness with leash

In our experience with outdoor and water activities, a harness is also a great piece of equipment for helping you to secure and control your dog. For example:

  • Holding onto your dog when they get excited and want to bolt
  • Spotting them to leaping up a steep section of the trail
  • Helping to pulling them out of the water and back into the boat or kayak

Build quality, performance, and functionality are the keys to a good harness. But, for those active dogs who crave an extra lap around the block, our Knotted Harness also deliver elegant design and appearance.

Harness the Beauty

Elegant design begins with the vividly colorful knotted band. It overlays the adjustable strap on the dog’s flanks and down the top half of the chest pad. The knotted band is hand-tied by indigenous Guatemalan artisans from durable nylon thread and it withstands the claws of the most vigorous scratchers.

Sitting white and tan dog wears black and pink outdoor dog harness

Matching our Knotted Collars and Leashes, the knotted ribbon comes in two unique designs – Northern Lights and Tailwinds – and five stylish color sets. So there’s a style that’s just right for every dog’s coat and personality:

Decorative padded chests of five dog harnesses in unique colors

Reflective tape lines the underside of the knotted band. This produces an unmistakable shimmer through the knotted threads. It means a bright glimmer in the sunlight and much better visibility in the glare of oncoming headlights.

Harness the Performance

Durable nylon webbing joined by overlapping rows of rugged stitching forms a sturdy skeleton throughout the chest pad, undercarriage, and straps. Both the neck and chest straps feature durable, plastic sliders to adjust the length for the perfect active fit.

When outfitting the dog, their head passes easily and gently through the two neck straps while the rear straps secure with durable, YKK plastic, side-release buckles at the top of the back.

White and brown dog wearing pink and black outdoor harness seen from above

When it comes to connecting a leash, you have two options. Heavy-duty, welded, stainless D-rings are located near the top of the chest pad and above the shoulders.

Additionally, a strong handle loop built into the top of the harness is ideal for holding your dog during a tense moment or helping them through a tricky obstacle.

Harness the Comfort

Sturdy but soft cotton fabric encases the webbing that runs all through the chest, belly, and straps. This creates a comfortable shell over the rugged frame. The richly textured fabric is called meesh by the indigenous Guatemalan artisans who have been weaving it from naturally dyed cotton thread for countless generations.

White and tan dog stands on grass while wearing pink and black outdoor harness

We colorfast the cotton fabric so that’s fully outdoor-proof. Then we we thoroughly wash and rinse it to ensure that it is soft and entirely chemical-free for your dog’s comfort.

To enhance the fit and comfort, the triangular chest and belly pads feature soft foam cushions. Then we run evenly spaced rows of stitching to create ribs or channels to improve airflow and breathability.

The Knotted Harness is available in three fully adjustable sizes and it is leather-free and expertly artisan-made.

If your dog is already sporting a Knotted Collar and Leash, then the matching harness is already waiting for you. Otherwise, pick the color that best matches your dog’s coat and personality.

We hope you found this detailed gear breakdown helpful. Now, head over and check out our Gear Guide review video for the Knotted Harness.

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