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The Knotted Collection of Matching Dog Collar, Leash, and Harness

Brown and white dog stands among rocks wearing purple dog collar and looking to the side

The perfect collection of matching dog collar, leash, and harness that are designed to inspire and built to perform through all the fun and abuse your dog can manage.


Like you, we believe that a dog’s best life – and ours as well – is spent exploring the outdoors. The sights, sounds, and especially smells provide endless stimulation and pleasure.

The key to spending more time outside together is outfit your dog with gear that inspires your imagination and keeps your dog safe on the trail.


Get Out There with the Perfect Set of Matching Dog Collar, Leash, and Harness

The Knotted Collection provides your dog with the essential outdoor gear. The name comes from the decorative knotted band on the exterior. It’s hand-tied by women artisans from nylon thread in striking colors and unforgettable designs.

Beneath the knotted band, reflective tape produces a brilliant shimmer in the sunlight. Meanwhile, your dog will be much more visible against oncoming headlights.

Three colorful handmade dog collars with light reflecting off of reflective ribbon

Naturally dyed, handwoven fabric frames the knotted ribbon and encloses sturdy nylon webbing. This durable, colorfast cotton is called meesh among indigenous Guatemalans who weave it on large wooden looms using both hands and feet.


Does Good and Performs Great

The handwoven meesh fabric and the knotted bands are created by women artisans in small, home workshops in remote Guatemalan villages.

Woman artisan ties macrame ribbon in natural setting

It’s a more sustainable, ethical approach to manufacturing because our artisan partners

  • Don’t commute long distances to work in big cities
  • Consume fewer industrial resources and produce minimal waste
  • Care for children and elderly while earning a living wage

These are kindhearted, hardworking individuals who share our fundamental belief:

Everything we do and make is to help people and their dogs to live extraordinary together.


Inspiring Designs and Colors More Than Coat-Deep

The Knotted Collection includes matching dog collar, leash, and harness that come in two unforgettably unique designs.


Northern Lights

A call into the wild and a light to guide the way.

Side view of red and black outdoor reflective dog harness


Fair winds and following seas wherever you go.

Red and black outdoor dog leash and collar side by side

Both knotted designs come in five stylish color sets. Not only do these colors complement your dog’s coat, they also describe something about what makes them special.

<p>A blazing force of nature, you catch the scent, chase it into the tall grass, and leave destruction in your path.</p>

Bushfire Red

<p>Always listening for opportunity to knock, you wag your tail, lick your chops, and leap right in.</p>

Huckleberry Purple

Moonlight Gray

<p>You’re a delicate flower but, like a rose with its thorns, you have sharp claws, fangs, and a lot of fight.</p>

Primrose Pink

Raven Black

<p>Calm and easygoing on the surface, you can be quite stubborn when you catch a scent or an idea.</p>

Riptide Blue

<p>You’re a free-spirit who loves to run wild and wander off, but you always make sure the pack keeps up.</p>

Woodlands Brown-Green

It’s easy to explore how these colors look on the knotted gear – and which patterns match best from our dog beds, bandanas, and poop bag holders. Just head over to the Colors section of our homepage and click on each color one-by-one to explore the gear.


A Matching Set of Dog Collar, Leash, and Harness for Outdoor Adventures

The Knotted Collars and Harnesses are full of all the essential safety and performance features for your outdoor excursions.

They feature top-quality, plastic length adjusters and side-release buckles as well as stainless D-rings for a secure leash connection.

They were designed to inspire confidence and built to perform with comfort and safety.


Extraordinary Is in the Details

Caring about the details and making sure to get them right every time – that’s what separates the extraordinary from everyone else.

That’s why our expert tailors apply reinforced stitching at every weight-bearing location on the collar, harness, and leash. This ensures safety and long-lasting durability.

Blue and black outdoor collar connected to leash with a matching poop bag holder

On the Knotted Collars the separate ID tag ring is definitely a standout feature. This no-jingle ring separates the metal ID tag from the stainless D-ring to avoid the ruckus of metal on metal.

Closeup on of metal tag hanging from no-jingle ID tag ring on purple dog collar

On the Knotted Harness, you’ll notice the rows of stitching across the padded chest and belly plates. This creates channels to improve airflow and help keep your dog cool.

Five handmade dog collars in distinct and unique colors stacked and facing forward

The leash includes a swivel clip for collar or harness attachment and a welded D-ring. This makes it easy to connect a poop bag holder or to attach additional leashes with a carabiner.

The handle forms a slender teardrop shape and it has a generous opening to accommodate large human hands. Additionally, soft foam padding lines the interior beneath plush cotton in a striking grey offset color.

Collars and harnesses are available in three form-fitting, adjustable sizes. Leashes measure 48 inches / 122 cm with a 15 in / 38 cm handle interior.

The Knotted Collection gear is built for quality, comfort, and longevity. So, the only question you have to ask is: which design and color best suit my dog’s coat and personality?

We hope you found this detailed gear breakdown helpful. Now, head over and check out our Gear Guide review videos for the Knotted Collars, Knotted Leashes, and Knotted Harnesses.

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