RUFFLY’s name, description, and Live Extraordinary Together logo of a woman, German Shepherd dog, and tree-covered moon in different color silhouettes

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Every Extraordinary Dog Deserves Their Own Unique Dog Collar

The Unique Dog Collar from Our Knotted Collection Is Artisan-Built to Do Good, Go Everywhere, and Look Amazing

Like us, you probably believe that your dog’s best days are spent outdoors.

In that case, to get the most from those precious hours, your dog’s gear matters – and nothing so much as their collar.

Our unique dog collars are part of the Knotted Collection that includes matching leashes and harnesses.

Matching dog collar and leash in purple and black with reflective ribbon

Like the matching leashes and harnesses from our Knotted Collection, the Knotted Collars are decorated with a knotted ribbon made of intricately hand-tied nylon thread in striking colors and unique designs.

Reflect Your Priorities

Adding to its beauty and outdoor safety, reflective tape lines the underside of the knotted ribbon to reflect sunlight and headlights. It creates a dazzling shimmer in the small spaces between the knotted threads, which means brighter day trips and safer evening walks.

Light shimmers from reflective ribbon under knotted band of blue dog collar

Five Unique Dog Collar Colors

The knotted ribbon comes in two unique, unforgettable designs – Northern Lights and Tailwinds – that each call us to shake off the old routine and leap into a new adventure. Both designs are available in five stylish color sets to match your dog’s coat and their personality:


Bushfire Red

A blazing force of nature, you catch the scent, chase it into the tall grass, and leave destruction in your path.


Huckleberry Purple

Always listening for opportunity to knock, you wag your tail, lick your chops, and leap right in.

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