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A Small Keychain for the Beautiful Bond Between Humans and Dogs

Man has purple and black macrame keychain tucked in jeans pocket

Now there’s a beautiful small keychain that matches your dog’s collar, leash, and harness so you’re always connected everywhere you go.

The first time a human put a collar around a dog’s neck marked the beginning of something beautiful.

The collar is a symbol of a unique bond unlike any other. And it’s a bond that has spanned the ages and continues today.

Cocker Spaniel wears artisan-made purple and black dog collar while laying on the grass

Unfortunately, while the dog gets to wear a symbol of that bond, the human has always had to go without. The collar creators of old racked their brains but the best they ever came up with was a matching bracelet.

But a bracelet might not fit, probably doesn’t match your outfit, and usually doesn’t suit your lifestyle. So, those master collar creators they threw up their hands and humans went without their symbol.

Until RUFFLY came along.

Red and black dog collar with bone-shaped ID tag and matching keychain

A Small Keychain with Big Beauty and Meaning

The Knotted Keychain is small, light, and very practical! It connects to two of the most important things: your dog and your house keys.

This small keychain won’t take up space in your pocket or purse, and it certainly won’t scratch your car or motorcycle’s paint. Most importantly, it matches the design, color, and quality construction of your dog’s collar, leash, and harness set.

Small keychains arranged in a circle featuring 2 designs and 5 unique colors

We even included reflective ribbon beneath the knotted decorative band so you can easily find it with the flashlight on your phone at night. It also includes richly textured, handwoven, cotton around the knotted band and a slim, stainless D-ring to connect your keyring.


There are many times and places where your dog can’t accompany you. But now you can bring a small, beautiful reminder of that connection everywhere you go.


P.S. If you want an even more heartwarming way to enjoy the connection with your dog, check out our custom dog mugs, which feature original, personalized artwork of your dog.

Girl sits with white dog in photo and printed in artwork on enamel camping mug

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