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Outdoor Dog Gear that Is Runway Ready, Outdoor Tough, and Does Good

Live Extraordinary Together Every Day

We want to help you live extraordinary together with your dog every day.

Like you, we think that means more time outdoors and less of their – and our – precious days wasted on the sofa.

For some, the motivation to get out there comes naturally, while others can sometimes use a little nudge.

That’s why RUFFLY builds ethical outdoor dog gear that does good, goes everywhere, and looks amazing.

It’s what we mean when we say it’s

Runway ready  ·  Outdoor tough ·  Does good

Brown and white dog stands among rocks wearing purple dog collar and looking to the side

Rugged Dog Gear that Is Runway Ready

RUFFLY outdoor dog gear is an innovative fusion of modern styles, designs, and materials with techniques that are thousands of years old.

The Knotted Collection of collars, leashes, and harnesses are distinctive and unique for their knotted band. It is made of hand-tied nylon threads that our artisans create over 4 to 12 hours, depending on the product and size.

The Woven Collection of beds, bandanas, and poop bag holders are constructed from durable, handwoven cotton. Weavers create the naturally dyed, colorfast fabric on large wooden looms using skilled hands and feet.

White dog stands on rock over lake while wearing blue outdoor bandana

Stylish Dog Gear that Is Outdoor Tough

While it’s designed to show off on the boardwalk, RUFFLY outdoor dog gear is built to perform on the trail.

Outdoor Tough means top-quality materials, expert craftsman, and obsessive attention to detail.

The knotted collars, leashes, and harnesses feature sturdy nylon webbing interiors and reinforced stitching at all the stress points.

Innovated features also enhance performance. These are just a few examples:

  • The no-jingle ID tag ring on the collar silences the noise of metal on metal
  • Ribbed channels on the harness improve airflow for coolness and comfort
  • The no-dangle strap on the poop bag holder prevents it from swinging around
  • The sleeping bag interior in the bed is for cold nights or to add an extra cushion

White dog stands in water while wearing outdoor rugged harness in black and pink

Ethical Outdoor Gear that Does Good

Your purchase of RUFFLY gear supports hardworking indigenous women artisans and tailors.

They are skilled craftspeople who work in small, sustainable home workshops in the Guatemalan Highlands.

We pay fair wages to kind, dedicated people who are passionate about the work they do.

We believe in doing business in a way that benefits dogs, people and the environment – and you make it possible.

Indigenous Guatemala woman artisan ties macrame in natural setting

So, No More Wasting Our Precious Days Together

Like you, we believe that every dog and their person deserve to have an extraordinary life together.

If sometimes the motivation is difficult to grab hold of, we think it all starts with having the right tools for the job – gear that’s rugged, stylish, and does good in the world.

Ultimately, inspiration is about living your values every day.

So, if your values include Runway Ready, Outdoor Tough, and Does Good – then you and your dog have a home with us!


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