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The Woven Collection of Outdoor Dog Accessories for All Your Adventures Together

Golden Retriever lays on pink and purple dog travel bed while wearing a matching bandana

The Woven Collection of dog accessories – bandanas, poop bag holders, and travel beds – helps you go further on your outdoor journeys together.

Your dog’s best life is one spent outdoors as much as possible. Our Woven Collection of dog accessories aims to help you make those outings as extraordinary as possible.

We call it the Woven Collection because each article features durable, richly textured, cotton fabric. This naturally dyed, cotton fabric is traditionally called meesh by the indigenous Guatemalan communities that have manufactured it for generations.

Black pug wears outdoor dog bandana in black, red, and white in garden

The process begins by coloring the thread with natural and plant-based dyes. Then the thread is handwoven into bolts of durable fabric on a large wooden loom and involves the skillful technique of hands and feet working together.

We use a particularly tight, heavy weave that is remarkably scratch and pull resistant so that it stands up to lots of abuse.

The Colors and Patterns of Your Adventure

The Woven Collection feature four richly colorful textures.

Rollable dog travel bed from handwoven fabric in four patterns


You sniff out the wildflowers, prance whimsically, and dig up enormous joy.


Deserts, streams, and mountain peaks: wherever you go, adventure follows.


Through squalls and thunderstorms, your way opens broad, blue, and inviting.


Anywhere you are is just right so long as you can leap in and seize the bright new day.


For Your Furry Superhero

The New Horizons TREKKER Bandana is for the everyday furry superhero who needs good kibble and a beautiful cape. The bandana features a slender, triangle shape that produces an active, low-bulk fit.

Outdoor dog bandanas in triangle shape in four unique patterns

It secures around the dog’s neck with a classic double knot. It is as beautiful and durable as it is simple and hassle-free.


Collect Your Memories and Waste

The Only Paw Prints Poop Bag Holder is for those who believe in exploring the world with a light step and a gentle touch. In other words, it’s for gathering all the memories we can and leaving no waste behind.

Front-top and underside view of a blue handmade dog poop bag holder

The wide, zipper across the top allows for easily inserting a roll of biodegradable poop bags. Likewise, the large, stainless eyelet underneath makes retrieving a bag as simple as a quick tug and tear.

It also features a stylish lobster clip that connects to the Knotted Leash’s sturdy D-ring and a snap-button strap to eliminate that annoying swing and dangle.


Comfortable Snoozing Everywhere You Go

The TenderPaw TREKKER Bedroll is for both hoof-hardened trailblazers and tip-toeing newbies to rest their weary paws at home and at the campsite. The TenderPaw features integrated foam padding and a plush, sleeping bag interior for adding an additional cushion or snuggling into on cold nights.

Pink, purple, and black dog travel bed open and rolled up with carrying strap

It is stylish and dreamily comfortable for snoozing at home. But, with a rugged, water-resistant bottom, you can use it on the trail and at the campsite. It even comes with a handle strap to roll it up, secure it to a pack, and take it everywhere with you.

Black faced dog with white body wears blue bandana and lays on matching travel bed

Each of the four Woven Collection patterns matches one or more of the five colors from our Knotted Collection of collars, leashes, and harnesses. That means that the woven gear are perfect on their own or as part of a matching set.

We hope you found this detailed gear breakdown helpful. Now, head over and check out our Gear Guide review videos for the Beds, Bandanas, and Poop Bag Holders.

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