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The Dog Bandana to Outfit Your Furry Superhero for Outdoor Adventure

Golden Retriever looks upwards with flowers while wearing blue outdoor dog bandana

We might be mere mortal humans but our furry superheroes need a stylish cape – or, better still, a slim, active-fitting dog bandana.

Why do so many superheroes wear a cape?

Or, really, the better question is: why do any superheroes wear a cape?

After all, if a long, flowing cloth hanging off the shoulders somehow boosts your testosterone or improves your reflexes, then wouldn’t baseball, basketball, and football teams immediately order capes to match their home and away jerseys.

Black pug wears red and black outdoor dog bandana standing on grassº

If your curiosity is peaked and you’re now wondering, “Yeah, what’s the deal with superheroes and capes?” then the superhero fandom message boards are filled with infinitely detailed explainers. But, for our money, it all boils down to one really good reason:

Because it looks the part.


Bandanas Are Better than Capes

Ultimately, the same reason applies to why we humans love to outfit our dogs in bandanas: because it looks awesome!

Still, a dog bandana should be just that – a bandana – not a bulky, flowing cape or heavy, scratchy knitted throw.

Golden Retriever looks upwards while wearing pink and purple dog bandana in garden

It should be slender, low bulk, and super easy to wash. And, of course, it should look amazing too.


Slender and Active-Fitting

That’s what you get with the New Horizons TREKKER Bandana. It has a slender triangle shape that delivers an active, low-bulk fit.

So, it accentuates your pup’s beauty but never limits activity.

Top view of pink and purple dog bandana with classic knot tie design

The soft fabric is handwoven from naturally dyed cotton thread. Indigenous Guatemalan artisans create the durable meesh fabric on large wooden looms the way it has been done for generations.

The tight weave creates a soft, rich texture that withstand thorns, nettles, and vigorous scratching.

We also colorfast and thoroughly wash the fabric so that it is chemical-free, machine washable, and resistant to shrinkage. This also means you can soak the bandana while it’s around your dog’s neck to help keep them cool on hot, sunny days.
Outdoor dog bandana folded into triangle in four unique color patterns

Simple as simple can be: the bandana secures around the dog’s neck with a classic double knot.

The New Horizons Bandana is available in three sizes and four unique, colorful patterns. So, get it as a standalone accessory or as part of a set to match their collar, leash, bed, and poop bag holder.

We hope you found this detailed gear breakdown helpful. Now, head over and check out our Gear Guide review video for the New Horizons TREKKER Bandana.

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