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The Knotted Outdoor Leash that Reflects the Connection to Your Dog

Brown dog with white chest sits on stone walkway with purple and black leash and matching collar

The outdoor leash that connects you and your dog should be sturdy, comfortable, and beautifully unique to reflect that special connection between you.

There is probably no greater joy for your healthy, active dog than when you unhook the leash from their collar and let them run free to explore all the wonderful smells.

Unfortunately, we live in an on-leash world. It’s a world that is filled with dangerous traffic, distractions, and so many rules and regulations. As a result, a leash is a safety necessity and a legal requirement for nearly all of us.

Brown dog sits by rock wall with green and brown collar and leash

The outdoor leash you choose for your dog should naturally be sturdy and durable since safety is the top priority. However, your comfort is also an important aspect of safety. For example, when your dog bolts after a cat, it doesn’t matter how strong the leash is if flies out of your grip – or pulls your shoulder from the socket. That’s why our Knotted Leashes are built with top quality materials and obsessive attention to detail.

We also think that an outdoor leash should reflect the beautiful connection between you and your dog. That is why we double-down on appearance and design.

Reflect Your Priorities

The 48-inch long Knotted Leash is decorated with a knotted band. Indigenous Guatemalan artisans hand-tie the hardy knotted band from brilliantly colorful and durable nylon thread.

The knotted band is available in two unique, unforgettable designs – Northern Lights and Tailwinds – and five color sets to perfectly match the collars and harness from our Knotted Collection.

10 outdoor reflective dog leashes in 2 designs and 5 unique colors

Reflective tape runs beneath the knotted ribbon to create a dazzling shimmer in the small spaces between the knotted threads. It unmistakably reflects the sunlight and headlights. That means brighter day trips and safer evening walks with your pup.

Durability Woven into Every Strand

Durable, black cotton fabric frames the knotted ribbon and the reverse side. The indigenous Guatemalan artisans call it meesh. Successive generations have woven it by hand from naturally dyed cotton thread on giant, wooden looms.

Strong, ¾ inch nylon webbing inside the handwoven casing creates a slender, sturdy backbone. So, this outdoor leash can easily handle all the strong tugging from a big, excited dog. There is also a comfortable handle at one end and a stainless swivel clip at the other secured with overlapping rows of reinforced stitching.

Blue and black dog leash in zigzag pattern with teardrop handle and matching poop bag holder

How It Handles Comfort and Safety

Opposite the clip end of the leash, the webbing loops around to create the handle. The slender, teardrop shape elegantly conceals an opening that easily accommodates even the burliest human paws. Soft foam padding lines the interior of the handle. This mean hours of careless comfort during afternoon strolls that becomes wrist- and grip-saving safety when your dog suddenly bolts.

Pink and black reflective outdoor dog leash laid out in zigzag pattern

Design and functionality culminate with the stainless, welded D-ring just below the handle. This creates the perfect attachment point for connecting a poop bag holder or additional leashes with a carabiner if you’re juggling more than one pooch.

The Knotted Leash is built with the quality, safety, and appearance that reflects what’s most important to you. Whether you’re looking for a standalone outdoor leash or to pair it with a matching collars or harnesses, absolutely don’t forget to bring along a roll of poop bags and the perfect no-dangle handmade holder to carry them in.

We hope you found this detailed gear breakdown helpful. Now, head over and check out our Gear Guide review video for the Knotted Leashes.

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