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Yoga Mat Strap for Pursuing Your Passion Ethically, Sustainably, and Wholeheartedly

Handwoven, artisan-made yoga mat strap on a wooden dock over a lake with a small boat

The Woven Yoga Mat Strap is made by skilled, indigenous artisans in sustainable home workshops, so you look amazing and feel good – inside and out – while doing what you love


When – and if – you’re lucky enough to you discover your passion, you want all in. Moderation is good for dieting and alcohol. But when it’s a wholesome, healthy, and centering thing that you’re passionate about, there’s simply no room for moderation.

These are the good obsessions and indulging them helps reveal your best self. Because pursuing healthy passions is what life is all about –it’s what makes your days brighter and the daily chores doing.

Young indigenous woman sits on a yoga mat facing her black dog on a travel bedroll

If yoga is the passion that reveals your better self, then you want the gear that helps you practice it in a way that you can be proud of.

That means gear that looks great and feels amazing so that you can feel confident in the self that you project outward. It also means gear that does good for the people and world around you.

That’s why we created the ethically made Woven Yoga Mat Strap.

Yoga mat strap in pink, purple, and black around a pink yoga mat


Ethically and Sustainably Artisan-Made


The yoga mat strap’s plush handwoven fabric exterior is handwoven by indigenous Guatemalan artisans who practice a textile craft that is centuries old. They produce this richly textured, naturally dyed fabric from sustainable home workshops, which means they can provide for their families and take care of their families too.

The strap comes in four unique, colorful designs that are colorfast and perfectly match our other ethical fashion accessories and outdoor dog gear. Black cotton frames the reverse side for a bold, striking contrast to these rich hues.

Woven yoga mat strap in four unique and colorful patterns around matching pink mats


Strength and Beauty in Harmony


Practitioners of yoga know better than most that strong and beautiful are not opposed – they go perfectly together. That’s why the plush, cotton exterior is fiercely durable – tightly woven to be resistant to scratches and pulled threads.

Beneath the beautiful exterior, rugged 1-inch nylon webbing provides structure and form through long use.

Red, black, and white yoga mat strap hangs over wooden dock pole


Details Take Us to a Deeper Layer


Rather than clutter and noise, paying attention to the details is how we discover the deeper layer – the texture of the world going on around us. It’s the sound of a long, slow breath, the ripple of the breeze against your face, and the mesmeric dance of flames leaping from a campfire.

We believe entirely that the details matter – in everything.

That’s why we included adjustability at both ends of the Woven Yoga Mat Strap. Dual stainless D-rings create a simple, elegant closure that’s easy to adjust and won’t slip or loosen. It means that your yoga mat will always remain tightly rolled until you’re ready to use it.


Closeup of double D-ring closure that tightly secures yoga mat strap in pink, purple, and black around the rolled up mat


Ethical Gear with a Purpose


The Woven Yoga Mat Strap exists in the world for two defining purposes: to help you pursue your passion wholeheartedly and completed and to support the skilled, indigenous artisans who make it in sustainable, home workshops.

We’re immensely proud of this achievement towards our goal of creating ethical gear that does good, goes everywhere, and looks amazing. If you’re an all-in type like we are, then we’re sure you’ll love it, and it might even help contribute in a small way towards discovering your best self.

Sea blue and black yoga mat strap on a wooden dock over a lake


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