We visit a crocodile farm where you can buy a croc for $100!



  • AirBnB beside a river at Villa los Maquiques
  • Shrimp trapping at Ameyaltontli Restaurant in Rinconada, Veracruz
  • Crocs for sale! at El Colibrí de la Antigua Crocodile Farm in Chopantla, Veracruz
  • Feeding the monkeys at Isla de los Monos in Laguna Catemaco, Veracruz
  • “No pets allowed…” for camping at El Aguacero waterfall



Moxie’s gear: Northern Lights Collar in Riptide Blue, Northern Lights Leash in Riptide Blue with Only Paw Prints Poop Bag Holder in Seascape, TenderPaw TREKKER Bedroll in Seascape

Greg’s gear: Woven Change Purse in Daybreak

Moxie’s motorcycle dog carrier: K9 Moto Cockpit with K9 Moto Harness in Riptide Blue

Music from Epidemic Sound: “Weather Any Storm” by Cody Francis, “Green Cactus” by Biddy Sullivan, “Coffee Shop Date” by Jaydan Talley, “Beauty in the Mundane” by Bird of Figment, “Like An Arrow” by Courses

Special thanks to Giant Loop motorcycle gear and Arkadia Supply Co travel gear