We wild camp while a man prowls the forest with a gun



  • Wild camping in the deserts of Guerrero state, Mexico
  • Rinconada Botique Hotel is like a secret garden in Iguala, Guerrero
  • Off-road riding to discover there are no bats at the Tlalcozotitlán bat sanctuary
  • Garden camping at La Puerta De Quetzalcoatl-Tepetzakualli in Morelos
  • Wild camping in the forest at Cumbe del Ajusco National Park



Moxie’s gear: Northern Lights Collar in Riptide Blue, Northern Lights Leash in Riptide Blue with Only Paw Prints Poop Bag Holder in Seascape, TenderPaw TREKKER Bedroll in Seascape

Greg’s gear: Knotted Keychain in Bushfire Red

Moxie’s motorcycle dog carrier: K9 Moto Cockpit with K9 Moto Harness in Riptide Blue

Music from Epidemic Sound: “Between the Sun and the Deep Blue Sea” by Katharine Appleton, “In Bloom” by victor Lundberg, “Weather Any Storm” by Cody Francis, “The Fight” by Amos Noah, “Shuffle and Dime” by Lindsey Abraham, “At the Tropicana” by Chalatas, “Sixteen Hours” by Lasse Lyx, “Stuck in the Moment” by Alexa Cappelli, and “Creepy Crawly” by Arthur Benson

Special thanks to Giant Loop motorcycle gear and Arkadia Supply Co travel gear