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K9 Moto Rainfly: Waterproof Barrier for Riding in the Rain, Wind, and Cold

Young woman stands with German shepherd under motorcycle dog carrier with rainfly in a light rain

Lightweight and durable protection against extreme weather to keep your dog warm, safe, and comfortable when you ride together


We created the K9 Moto Cockpit with an open-air design to maximize cooling airflow and ventilation. That’s because extreme heat and sunshine are the primary extreme weather challenges that most K9 riders face most of the time.

There’s little that gear or equipment you can get – short of an air conditioning unit –to lower the temperature within a poorly designed enclosed carrier that is stuffy, stifling, and claustrophobic. On the other hand, when you encounter rain, wind, or freezing cold weather, the right gear makes all the difference.

In these adverse conditions, the K9 Moto Rainfly delivers superior protection to keep your dog warm, safe, and comfortable throughout the ride.

Rainfly and wind cover protection over a large motorcycle dog carrier on white background


Form-Fitted to Improve Insulation and Reduce Wind Capture


The K9 Moto Rainfly is constructed from waterproof nylon that creates a durable barrier against the elements. The rainfly is form-fitted to your Cockpit in a way that hugs the contours.

Elastic drawstrings run along the skirt, allowing you to cinch the bottom tightly. This creates a water-protective seal and improves insulation. It also reduces buffeting and wind capture when riding at high speed or through crosswinds.

Sturdy eyelets enable you to further secure the Rainfly with straps. This provides 110% peace of mind, especially in cases of extreme wind and strong gusts.

Closeup view of drawstring for tightening the rainfly skirt and stainless eyelets for securing it to the motorcycle dog crate frame


Three-Point Hood Adjustment System for Superior Fit


The K9 Moto Rainfly’s hood is a separate but integrated component. This allows your dog to ride without it when the conditions permit such as light rain or mild weather. In cold temperatures and driving rain the hood creates a protective, waterproof layer without provoking your dog to fidget or fight it.

The hood’s ample size and round shape easily accommodates large canine heads and pointy ears. The three-point adjustment system delivers set-it-and-forget-it adjustability.

The Velcro strap at the rear of the hood provides front-to-back adjustment. Two drawstrings cinch the hood crosswise around forehead and crown to frame the face, eyes, and snout. This creates a customized fit that seals out moisture, eliminates bunching, and improve overall comfort.

Closeup of the three-point adjustment system that enables the K9 Moto Rainfly hood to secure around a dog’s head

Beneath the hood, the rainfly’s padded, upturned collar prevents heat from escaping and ensures that no moisture sneaks in.

The hood is also designed so that you can secure the dog’s riding goggles over it. In this way, the riding goggle straps further secure and conform the hood to your dog’s specific head shape.


Convenient and Lightweight with Smart Packing Options


Even the best gear is useless if it’s too heavy or bulky to fit in your motorcycle luggage. If you can’t bring it along then it’s not there to use when your dog needs it.

Not only is the K9 Moto Rainfly’s nylon construction lightweight and packable, but it also comes in a cinchable stuff sack. You can free up valuable luggage space is tight by strapping the rainfly’s stuff sack to the outside of your dog’s Cockpit. Even better still, outfit the Cockpit with the 2L K9 Moto TailBag to store the rainfly and additional gear on the underside of the rear baseplates.

Bag hanging from underside of motorcycle dog carrier with wide-mouth zipper opened to expose rainfly stuff sack

The weather can turn unpredictable on a moment’s notice and a sunny summer afternoon becomes a ride through wind, cold, and torrential downpours. The K9 Moto Rainfly secures in places in seconds to create an insulated, waterproof barrier. It protects your dog against extreme weather to keep them warm, safe, and comfortable so you always have a positive experience riding together.


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